Chainsaw Dissection – Rotting In Mass Graves

Chainsaw Dissection is yet another micro project in the underground death/grind style that seems to be sweeping the US these days. Heavily influenced by the nearby NYDM scene, Chainsaw Dissection takes its cues from artists such as Mortician, playing low-fi death/grind in the old style. Similar to southern artists such as Mangled Whore Flesh, Meathole Infection, and Bloated Carcass, Chainsaw Dissection comes with the intention to resurrect oldschool death/grind without interest in ‘progressive’ or ‘melodic’ touches.

Readers of my other reviews will notice a complaint that might as well be gotten out of the way quickly: the production. In this case, that infernal digital recording of the guitar which ruins its natural tone and causes it to sound synthetic and computerized. This is a shame, because the riffs on ‘Rotting In Mass Graves’ are pretty damned solid for this sort of group; clearly homework has been done on the front of Mortician-style riffing (albeit a great deal more dynamic and variable than the ones found on that band’s compositions) and for the most part, they work quite effectively. However, the production combined with the drum machine causes the music to quickly become washed out during blasting sections, turning nearly everything into a blast of noise.

In general, Chainsaw Dissection is a hell of a lot more developed than a lot of its contemporaries: more attention has been paid to song structure than normal (no half-hour made songs to be found here), and in general the songs are able to stay interesting through quality changes in tempo and pacing. The drum programming is also more dynamic than most, striking a solid balance between faster-than-human blasting and more precise double bass and fill sections. Vocals resemble those of Will Rahmer, though a few magnitudes higher than his ultra-low grunts. All instrumental duties are performed capably and efficiently.

Granted, not all is well. Chainsaw Dissection isn’t quite at the level of Mortician’s absolute obedience to darkness and devastation (this band feels strangely more and less serious than Mortician; the riffs on ‘Final Scream’ are oddly ominous), but they seem on the fast track to getting there. Granted, this is only a four-track demo; however, it speaks volumes about the potential and severity of the Bob Macabre himself. This CDr is being given away for free while supplies last, so check it out and see for yourself what the band has to offer you.


~ by noktorn on February 9, 2007.

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