Undead Devourment – World Of Shit

Now, I’m never going to claim that it takes a lot to distance yourself from the pack when it comes to brutal death/grind, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see something here. Not that there’s a hell of a lot to see, being six minutes long and all, but it’s clearly something. Undead Devourment, a one-man death/grind project out of Tampa, Florida, released this little thing in late January, and it’s certainly an interesting one. Damn well above the vast majority of budget death/grind out there today, I’d say that this has some actual *gasp* potential!

First up: lucidity of construction. As opposed to many riff-collection death/grind bands out there, Bob clearly had fully formed ideas while writing these songs. Each one comes together as a clear, logical idea, with supporting elements crafted around it, not a rudely stapled collection of half-assed drums and guitar. No, the stuff here is far more subtle than the median: opener ‘Barbwire Asphyxiation’ is a simple little one-riff intro track, but it’s used in an effective manner. Rarely can death/grind bands achieve some level of atmosphere, but this release somehow packs a tremendous amount of it into its tiny timeframe. Every element is in place, with the opener’s slowly growing guitar/bass combination that bleeds out tastefully into the title track, along with packing drum programming that, while not incredibly inspired, goes a few steps further than the typical blast-frenzy groups.

The ideas are simple, yeah, but they’re ideas that are incredibly well developed for what they are. ‘World Of Shit’ is a mid-paced, lurching little microsong that gets its point across quickly, without undue strain or complication. ‘Castrated, Strangled, Fucked’ goes a little deeper, with its opening staggered riff and tempo changes throughout. Concluding track ‘The End Of Salvation’ is possibly the best constructed, smartly opting out of its blast-laden opening for its middle breakdown over bass groove. Vocals are rather standard goregrind fair, but they’re employed effectively for what’s here.

Some incredibly detailed analysis of the material here is unnecessary, not so much due to the material, but rather the lack thereof. However, if this is any indication of future works, Undead Devourment could wake up to find itself on the top of the death/grind underground if they play their cards right.


~ by noktorn on February 20, 2007.

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