Raw Sewage – Sorcorers Of Shred

It’s kind of strange when bands create musical fusions of genres that aren’t precisely sisters. I mean, a black/death band makes sense, or black/thrash, or even death/thrash, but who would have thought that one could pull off a fusion of death, thrash, and oldschool punk with a pinch of power violence? Apparently you can, because Raw Sewage pulls off just such a thing very nicely on ‘Sorcorers Of Shred’, a tiny demo that clocks in at under five minutes.

Kicking off with ‘Axe Attack’, one could be excused for thinking this was a punk CD, at least until the gore-gurgles pop in half way through. Up until then, it’s pure oldschool thrash, complete with a microsolo worthy of Municipal Waste. Vocal styles are blended very effectively; one could draw a comparison to ‘Only Tools And Corpses’-era Gorerotted, with its play between Cockney oi vocals and deeper growls, but here they also add the high gurgles of artists such as Exhumed. ‘Swamp Thing’ changes it up with pure oldschool death metal that wouldn’t be entirely out of place on an Obituary disc. ‘Righteous Bitchinness’ goes to a death/thrash mold, while closer ‘Genopsycho”s sludgy opener will make you think it’s a power violence track before bursting into oldschool death/thrash mayhem with its awesome little snare rolls and skank beats.

While this is a very small demo, there’s a surprising amount of ideas contained in its small running time. While not mind-bendingly original, the combination of death metal and punk in this case works very effectively to differentiate Raw Sewage from other bands out there today. Give it a go.


~ by noktorn on March 1, 2007.

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