Undead Devourment – Killing The Dead

A scarce month and a half after their first demo and Undead Devourment has returned with a second. The first, ‘World Of Shit’, was a surprisingly engaging slab of industrialized death/grind which packed far more cleverness in its slim six minute running time than it had any right to. With ‘Killing The Dead’, we see Undead Devourment moving in a slightly different, but still satisfying, direction.

The demo can be clearly divided in two half, with each side of its (utterly epic) nine and a half minute length showcasing very different aspects of the band. ‘Killing The Dead’ begins with ‘Cannibalist America’, a track that is a great deal more grind-influenced than any material on the first demo. Is that a trace of Strapping Young Lad one hears in the main riff? I’d say so; that bit of epic melody entirely changes the soundscape of the song. The next, ‘Feminist Entrails’ exercises its epic tendencies in a slightly different form; open chords drift across blast-beat programming, giving the track a strange, misty quality.

Beginning the second sign is the most clearly experimental and excellent on the demo: ‘Guttural Disembowelment’. The opening of tribal drums and subdued, sinister synths (alliteration unintentional) breaks into a protracted section that could be called a ‘breakdown’. But it’s… different somehow. Instead of being designed for moshing, this breakdown is used to attack the listener, with the beat shifting, shifting, shifting, and the rhythm lurching like the movements of some ancient, limb-snapping zombie from beyond the grave, almost like its attempting to deceive the listener. Fantastic work. Closing off is the title track, probably the most reminiscent of the first demo, and packed with details (the vast, high chords half a minute in; the seemingly reversed cymbal sound that concludes it) that makes it and even more fulfilling listen.

If there’s one thing that is a clear problem with this demo, it’s the production. While not especially raw, guitar and bass frequently get buried in the background when the drums become more busy; a shame, as the riffs are a great deal more interesting than in the majority of death/grind of this variety. One could also note the disparity between ‘Guttural Disembowelment’ and the other tracks; while those are in no way unappealing, this track is lightyears ahead of the others, reflecting a much more experimental and intriguing breed of songwriting.

Undead Devourment has stepped it up another notch with their ‘Killing The Dead’ demo. I eagerly anticipate the next release from this band, who now boasts a full lineup with which to play live. I predict that we’ll begin to see a lot more of this band around, and not just in the local scene. Top-shelf music.


~ by noktorn on March 13, 2007.

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