Mass Murder Frenzy – Below The Surface

This demo is heavy as fuck. Musically as well as sonically; Mass Murder Frenzy’s breed of death metal is not merely brutal, but genuinely crushing. The production certainly aids it; it’s some of the bass-heaviest I’ve ever heard, and it works well for the music here. No hyperbole: this is one of the best written and produced death metal demos I’ve heard in a very long while.

Hailing from Orange County, California, Mass Murder Frenzy plays a style of death metal best described as a mixture between Vader and Deicide, with perhaps a pinch of Angelcorpse’s chaos. Extremely pure, without even the slightest hint of any other genre. The craftsmanship here is easily visible: the Behemoth-style middle section of the title track is sublime in its simplicity and effectiveness. The whole demo seems intent on crushing the listener rather than making any sort of statement. Luckily, this is a trait I find admirable.

When a band features no ‘unique’ features, they must depend purely on songwriting to carry their music. Fortunately, Mass Murder Frenzy has genuine talent in this field; much more than most death metal bands. This is simple music; not so much technically as conceptually. The message is simple: we’re going to kick your ass and you’re going to sit down and enjoy it. The guitar tone is wonderful: streaming and ripping much like Cryptopsy, and the drum and vocals are similarly great, heavy, percussive, and crushing.

Little needs to be said about this release; songs like ‘Decadence’ speak for themselves. This is heavy, pounding, traditional death metal that any fan of such would be highly encouraged to hear. And best of all? The demo is completely free for download on Mass Murder Frenzy’s official website (, so you have precisely zero reason not to give this demo a try. Hugely recommended for any and all fans of death metal; I can’t believe this band is unsigned.


~ by noktorn on March 22, 2007.

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