The Partisan Turbine – Surgical Assault

The Partisan Turbine, a Harlem-based deathcore group, has recently released their debut EP, ‘Surgical Assault’. Giving this EP a listen, I was surprised by the quality of everything on it: instrumentation is fast and technical, songwriting is solid, and production is crystal clear. It’s not difficult to see why Siege Of Amida/Candlelight are releasing the band’s upcoming LP; I can see The Partisan Turbine going very far in today’s extreme metal scene.

In a nutshell, the music here resembles a more metalcore influenced version of Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, but also possesses notes from Despised Icon, Devourment, and numerous others. Those who hate deathcore or slam death should stay far away; this is obviously and fundamentally metalcore influenced death metal, so none of you that like to complain about Through The Eyes Of The Dead should even bother. However, for those of us that love to indulge in the noble breakdown should pay strict attention, because this is a great example of such a style. Unlike many other slam death bands, however (Waking The Cadaver), The Partisan Turbine is able to keep their high speed blasting sections just as if not more interesting than the breakdowns.

The instrumental work here is stellar. The guitar section of Kevin Purce and Mike Guidice is particularly capable; one element that would have made this EP even better would be more solos, as the one on ‘Parasitic Slaughter’ is simply incredible. While this may be an inherent limitation of the genre, I’d say more leads of this breed would add a great dynamic to the brutality of the music here. The breakdowns are also surprisingly tasteful; there’s little Job For A Cowboy-type absurdity with bass drops and ‘It’s time to die!’ Downs syndrome chants.

This is an extremely brief release, at only about fifteen minutes long (the final track has a protracted ambient section), but its power is great in its short running time. The Partisan Turbine manages to keep things varied and interesting (much like Terminally Your Aborted Ghost’s slam death in grindcore structure), with perhaps the most unique feature being ‘Vast Illumination’, a track of only bass and drums before lead guitar comes in nearing the end. I’m not sure whether this is a one-shot or reflects an experimentalist dynamic within the band, but either way it is certainly an interesting aspect to this debut.

‘Surgical Assault’ is a fantastic debut EP from a promising young band. While those who dislike breakdowns will want to avoid this, all others should certainly give it a try.


~ by noktorn on March 22, 2007.

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