Nuns With Guns – Demo ’05

My god, it’s like someone answered all my questions about metalcore with this band. Nuns With Guns takes all the disparate breeds of metalcore (tough-guy mosh music ala Lamb Of God, emotional, melodic death influences material such as Dead To Fall, and ultra-technical material of With Passion’s style) and place them into one concise, effective package. No one part overwhelms any other, and the band moves from style to style seamlessly to keep the music original and interesting.

Take the opening track, ‘Photocopies’. It opens with highly technical, almost Psyopus-like metalcore before abruptly but logically transferring to a simpler breed of hardcore, and culminating in an emotional, lead-driven passage. The other three songs follow a similar route; alternating, clashing styles subsume and overrun each other, resulting in vivid and creative compositions within the framework of metalcore. Elements of every style are present on each song; a traditional hardcore breakdown can exist right next to a series of sweep arpeggios and somehow seem logical and organized.

Fortunately enough, all the parts are pretty well done. The best portions are those that are highly technical or highly emotional, though; some of the spin-kicking breakdowns seem rather silly when taken in the context of the songs. Each song has its own interesting elements, be it ‘Photocopies” flurry of opening sweeps or ‘The Good Life”s Despised Icon-style lyrics, allowing each song to blossom on its own without becoming stale. Little goes wrong on this release, and while it’s not terribly original, it’s undeniably catchy.

Nuns With Guns is one of the more varied and promising metalcore bands I’ve seen in a while. Hopefully, if they can keep up their multifaceted approach, they’ll quickly rise in today’s metal scene.


~ by noktorn on March 23, 2007.

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