Property – Redemption

Property knows exactly what they’re here for: rocking the hell out. Their debut LP, ‘Redemption’, is a solid block of Pantera-style groove metal that will satisfy anyone’s fix for this style. It’s packed to the brim with damned fine riffing, non-stop sing-a-long vocal passages, and an overall spirit of just wanting to make enjoyable, heavy music for all of us.

Opening up with the rocking, grooving, crushing ‘One Shot One Kill’, with a main riff that would kick off a concert flawlessly. The band is great on asskicking mode during songs like the death metal influenced ‘Curse Of Life’, but also fantastic when they take it back a notch with songs like ‘Tracks’, which reminds me more than a little of New Orleans’ Down with its semi-clean vocals under traditional metal based music. It’s simply very enjoyable, heavy, rocking music to listen to, with great riffs and a similarly great vocal performance by Justin Earven, who could be described as the brother of Kirk Windstein of Crowbar in tone.

While ‘Redemption’ is a rock-solid album, I have a feeling that Property would really shine on stage, with massive volume creating an enormous wall of sound. The production here on the album doesn’t quite capture such a thing; the guitars are pretty good, but the drum production is a little too close and flat. What this band needs is a huge, stadium-like production that beats your heart with the bass drum. The riffs here are heavy as hell at times and would be well complemented by a production job that brings out that big, blunt texture that makes them so nice to listen to. Despite being from Virginia, this really seems like the sort of thing that would come from down here in the South; you generally see bands of this sort stemming from Texas and similar locations, making this a rather unusual sight.

Obviously Property isn’t pushing the envelope of musical innovation with industrial noise sections and Buddhist chants. But they DO kick ass, and you SHOULD check them out if you want to here some straight-up, no-bullshit, awesome heavy metal from guys that know how to do it. This is music by people who clearly love heavy metal with all their hearts and are right at home playing it. Man, I bet they own souls live.


~ by noktorn on March 23, 2007.

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