Coffin Birth – Disturbing The Earth

It’s kind of hard to understand why a band like this exists. What are members of Obscene Eulogy and Bound In Human Flesh, some of the most vicious and repugnant underground extreme metal bands in the world, doing in a project as friendly as this? Jesus, Coffin Birth is downright cuddle compared to its related projects; fun, bouncy black/thrash like this is easy for anyone to get into.

I’ll tell you who this band reminds me of more than anyone: Ghoul. Coffin Birth has more to do with that little Impaled side project than any other band. You’ve got the same campy horror film aesthetic, very similar riffing styles, even the same lack of double bass (partial on Ghoul, total on this demo). And, like Ghoul, Coffin Birth is much more interested in just having fun, making oldschool, heavily rock-influenced black/thrash than any presumption of eeeeevil. Luckily, this band never descends into self-parody; the music is fun without becoming stupid or irrelevant.

This is highly bouncy and musical. The riffing has a big base in traditional heavy metal and hard rock, and there’s not a lot of tremolo picking or huge bursts of speed. Most of the material here is mid-paced and lacking blasting; indeed, there’s only one very brief blasting section at the end of ‘Fathered By Fiends’ and there appears to be no use of double bass at all, instead opting for oldschool rock and punk patterns. Vocals are a fairly intelligible black metal snarl, and the melody of the music is dripping with campy horror atmosphere. Coffin Birth should be enlisted to compose the soundtrack for the next Scream film; they have a perfect grasp of that organ-tinged, Misfits-worshiping horror rock tone.

There’s little to say about a release like this. If you’re into oldschool punky black/thrash, this would be right up your alley. Don’t bother looking if you’re searching for some sort of brutal, entirely serious black metal, as you won’t find it here. You’ll just find solid, fun music filled with riffs and atmosphere.


~ by noktorn on March 25, 2007.

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