Bride Of The Monster – Plague Of Ages

If the riff that comes in a third of the way into ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ doesn’t immediately make you drop whatever you’re doing and headbang, I’m afraid you might have some sort of terrible Rock The Fuck Out deficiency. There is no way that anyone with even the slightest bit of Rock in them would be able to contain themselves when they hear half the songs on this disc; there’s simply too much grooving, crushing rock to contain.

Bride Of The Monster is a band that combines death metal, a pinch of grindcore, and, as you probably ascertained, rock and roll. Their debut EP, ‘Plague Of Ages’, tends to bring out the latter of those influences most profoundly; the material here is mid-paced and highly rock-based; in fact, this is the best of all the material here. While the band does go into blasting mode on occasion, such as at the beginning of ‘Malleus Maleficarum’, it’s just not as awesomely heavy and catchy as the groove portions. ‘Float’ shows that the band does know how to use faster tempos to their advantage; that song’s noodling bass intro and fantastic bluesy riffing gives the whole thing a unique vibe.

Instrumentation is uniformly good. This is obviously not the most technically advanced music in the world, but such a bent would be unnecessary with the qualities it does possess; namely, the ability to make any listener thrash out with ease. Vocals are a gruff growl that meshes well with the rest of the music, not being excessively guttural nor too clean. If there’s one influence I would say is apparent in Bride Of The Monster, it would be noble Aussie grind and roll cohorts Blood Duster, with a similarly raunchy, grooving vibe and sense of humor. No, this is certainly not the most extreme music in today’s metal scene, but it is consistently interesting, quality work.

While I don’t think all the kinks of the band are worked out yet (the later songs have a tendency to stray a bit), I do think they’re on the road to success with their death rock formula. Fans of solid, grooving material such as Blood Duster will definitely want to check this out.


~ by noktorn on March 26, 2007.

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