Dawn Of Wolves – Plague Called Warfare

I’ve always thought the best thrash is that which emulates international tendencies. I much prefer solid Brazilian or German thrash to the (in my opinion) overrated American groups. Dawn Of Wolves, despite being American, is set solidly within the Teutonic style, primarily influenced by the godfathers of the style themselves, Sodom. The result? A vicious, delicious thrash attack for all in the form of the EP ‘Plague Called Warfare’.

After a brief intro, the band blitzes into ‘No Time’, an archtypical Teutonic thrash track that, while derivative, stands strong as an excellent piece. Angelripper-style vocal delivery, nice and rough, over cascading, too-fast thrash metal. The next track, ‘Before We Die’, follows suit with particularly sharp couplet riffing that sears into one’s brain long after the final notes are cast down. The strength of Dawn Of Wolves is the ability to create thrash metal that is both traditional and highly memorable; no, it’s not going to win any awards for originality, but you’re sure as hell going to listen to this disc before a lot of other things.

Well, that might not be entirely true. The riffing on here can be pretty unusual and catchy, like on ‘Before We Die’ or the title track. The structure of the music, too, is rather unpredictable: the first half of the title track jumps from bridge to bridge, keeping you guessing where the music will settle, before in drops into an immensely hook-ridden chorus. Dawn Of Wolves can sure as hell craft a catchy song; and a surprisingly well-played one as well. The technicality here is a cut above your average Municipal Waste clone, though it never quite enters Watchtower territory. But any technicality is not emphasized here; only heavy, brutal thrash.

There’s no reason for fans of thrash metal to not give this band a try. With their unique styles of riffing and song structure, Dawn Of Wolves offers something a bit different from your average thrash group; something that I, and likely you, deeply enjoy.


~ by noktorn on March 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dawn Of Wolves – Plague Called Warfare”

  1. Thanks man. Dawn of Wolves-Justin

  2. hell fuckin ya

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