Governmental Crucifixtion – Demo

Just when a musical genre seems to be at the very end of its rope, with absolutely nothing new to add, simply droning on and on with nothing original occurring, someone pops up to pull it back from the brink of disaster. I think that Governmental Crucifixtion might be the band to do this for grindcore. While other artists are too busy drowning in gore or meaningless political posturing, Governmental Crucifixtion is both looking into the past of grindcore and diving into the genre’s future, bringing back something that actually is moving forward.

If I might be permitted to craft a portmanteau for this style: psygrind. Take a slightly altered version of Dripping or Cephalectomy’s strange, mystical grind and combine it with the pure aggression of oldschool Napalm Death, and you get a style that is an exciting combination of old and new that resembles little heard before. Interestingly enough, this is a deeply guitar-focused album, as opposed to the generally rhythmic standard of grindcore; this gives the songs more space and atmosphere than you would normally see. The number of elements here is staggering: from the subtly punky riffing on ‘Fear The Malevolence’ that turns into twisting, throbbing psygrind, or the futuristic black metal stylings of ‘Vaginal Mutations’. Or how do you explain the strange, organ-like effects at the beginning of ‘Ordained Beast’? You just don’t; you roll with it.

The music here is so varied that it becomes difficult to describe. Some elements are relative constants: blast beats, rough, Bullen-style vocals (though a tad more high pitched), frantic riffing, but the rest of it changes around constantly. Pauses and breaks, such as that which occurs just under a minute into ‘187 Intentions’, flitter about with little rhyme or reason, and changes in instrumentation occur frequently. This is easily one of the most creative and varied grindcore release I’ve heard in a long while; it never gets repetitive or stale. Production is suitably lo-fi, and possesses a highly synethetic guitar tone that I typically find irritating, but in this case seems oddly appropriate. Wonders never cease.

I’d say that this is a demo that grindcore fans should certainly be checking out. There’s too much creativity here to ignore; keeping an eye out for these guys is highly recommended.


~ by noktorn on March 30, 2007.

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