Shores Of Sheol – The Nomad

I’ve never really understood the purpose to coming down on bands for derivation. I don’t see music as a race to see who can be the most ‘innovative’; only to who can be the best. The legions of Suffoclones and Darkclones that manage to be pretty damned good is a testament to originality being in no way the last bastion of what makes music great.

So, I have no problem with saying that Shores Of Sheol is nearly a tribute to older Rotting Christ. The atmosphere is a tad different; more Middle Eastern, but the musical base is pretty similar in arrangement and construction. Luckily, old Rotting Christ kicks ass, so there’s nothing wrong with replicating a band like that. The music is a subtly melodic breed of black metal in that streaming Mediterranean style, with high emphasis on propulsive drumming and high-speed melodic riffing. While certainly not redefining the style, it’s most certainly pleasing to listen to, with lots of quality riffs (the main on ‘Icons Of Desolation’ is very pleasing in the Rotting Christ style) and no filler passages.

Probably aiding this is the production, which is both very clear and surprisingly warm for digital recording. The music lacks that synthetic guitar tone that so plagues many digital recordings. The drums are buried, but comfortably so, allowing the rest of the music to come into its own. One thing not so good on the production front: the vocals. I like reverb as much as the next guy; a touch here and there can be very effective and dramatic. However, the vocals here are just fucking soaked in it to a ridiculous level, with individual lines echoing much further than necessary. The vocals themselves aren’t bad; less reverb would do wonders for the overall quality of the music. The only other central complaint I have on this release is of the outro here: it seems excessively brief and rushed, and doesn’t really add much to ‘The Nomad’ as a whole.

While Shores Of Sheol isn’t doing much new, they’re certainly doing it well. Give this demo a listen if you simply want a fix of quality melodic black metal; you can definitely find it here.


~ by noktorn on April 10, 2007.

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