Apothys – Districtia Terra

In the end, a music review is generally supposed to result in a recommendation for or against a release. But even something as simple of that somehow finds ways to become difficult. Because really, in many cases, a review, despite being a ‘personal opinion’, really has little to do with the person writing it at all. After all, you’re writing about whether others should purchase or in some other way acquire the release at hand.

I mention this because I’m rather split on what I want to say about Apothys’ second demo ‘Districtia Terra’. On one hand, I myself don’t really like it that much. However, I can easily see that numerous people would enjoy it despite my personal feelings towards it. So, I suppose I’ll give it a recommendation simply due to this factor: after all, I already have my copy. ‘Districtia Terra’ is a demo that would appeal to most fans of melodic death/thrash material in the style of Acantha or other such artists, and they play such a style pretty well when you get down to it. My complaints generally come down to not really being a fan of such a genre, but obviously this will differ from listener to listener.

So, as you could probably guess, you can expect a fairly professional, polished variety of metal on this release. There’s lots of furtive tremolo riffing, propulsive double bass, Gothenburg-style vocals, and the occasional dollop of (actually somewhat unique) lead guitar. The package as a whole is incredibly sleek and well constructed (a tad too well constructed for me, but that’s personal taste again), and would easily appeal to a large number of potential listeners. Each of the five tracks on here is full of thrashy riffs, rhythmic changes, and logical sequencing. Each one is also fairly unique, though none of them quite grab you as fiercely as they should. That’s probably my biggest complaint about this CD; it feels like the band is almost holding their ferocity back, and at times they seem to be chomping at the bit to play faster and harder.

All of my judgments aside, there’s nothing wrong with this release. While it doesn’t appeal to me greatly, and it’s not doing a whole lot new (though certain portions, such as electronic break on ‘Depths Of The Cellar’, are pretty interesting), it’s still something that fans of newer Arch Enemy or similar artists would probably be interested in. Give it a try; your mileage may vary.


~ by noktorn on April 21, 2007.

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