Arapacis – So Many Leapers

I’ve never been much of a gothic or a prog fan, so this review will be mostly geared towards those who are. Arapacis is just such a fusion out of Quebec. Clean female vocals with periodic growls, melodic yet heavy riffing backed up by rock-inspired leads and ethereal synth lines, omnipresent bass forming a bed for the guitars, basic but effective drum performance: pretty standard, all things considered. But it’s executed pretty effectively at points, though some much more than others. Overall, ‘So Many Leapers’ is a pretty solid debut for this band.

Arapacis excels, like most gothic bands, on their slower, ballad-style songs. There’s a high level of guitar/hard rock influence on this album that is more beneficial than detrimental, giving the songs a tinge of groove necessary to keep them moving. The addition of melodramatic leads keeps the emotional highs of the compositions flowing well, such as on ‘Histories’, probably the best track on this CD. This is where the band syncs up perfectly: making melodic, rock influenced metal that manages to be catchy, captivating, and well-written without an excess of clutter.

There are a couple slip-ups, but nothing that ruins the album. Vocals are generally good, but there are points where Shelsey Jarvis feels it necessary to let loose a screech that’s beyond her abilities, causing my eye to twitch in a most unpleasant fashion. This also isn’t a terribly original release, but I think that’ll be fixed with time: all the performers are capable, and the progressive leanings that you hear in the music bode well for the future. It’s merely a matter of time and practice before they break out into a more popular audience.

While not my favorite style of music, Arapacis’ debut LP is a solid representation of such a fusion that would appeal to many fans of such. Might as well give it a go and see for yourself.


~ by noktorn on May 9, 2007.

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