Delirium X Tremens – CreHated From No_Thing

This is an okay death metal album, but Delirium X Tremens is a band that wants you to think more is going on than there actually is. Yeah, there’s lots of parts where two riffs will be played at once at different tempos, but those parts are repeated pretty frequently and aren’t as tricky as they sound anyway. And there’s lots of ‘elements’ in ‘CreHated From No_Thing’ that get used sporadically, like clean guitar interludes or ambiance, but they don’t appear to add much to the music except for more parts. You know, if you crack open a watch, you really can get away with removing a couple small pieces and have it work all right, but in this album it’s like extra small pieces have been added just so you can marvel at the engineering when you crack this watch open. I mean, it’s impressive that they can fit so many things into it, but they don’t really have a point beyond just being there.

Each of the tracks on this feels incredibly long, which is probably because of the protracted melodic section that each song has to have. Most of the ‘normal’ stuff is vaguely epic Behemothish riffing at midpaced tempos with some groove and some faster blasting sections with tremolo, but the emphasis is always on the melodic sections which sort of emerge out of nowhere. They sometimes incorporate whispery vocals for ‘atmosphere’, though an atmosphere of what I’m not really sure of, as the whole aim of this record seems to be scattered everywhere. The melodic portions are all winding leads and stuff, and they aren’t bad, but they don’t particularly stick in my mind either. Neither does the groove riffing, for that matter, though it’s more kinetically satisfying than the melodic stuff, at least.

The main thing is that this doesn’t really feel like a death metal album. It doesn’t feel very evil, very dark, very twisted, very much of anything except sort of ‘there’. It’s got some aggression, it’s got harshness in guitars and vocals, but I never get the feeling that the music is particularly threatening. I realize it’s not the goal of death metal necessarily, but I get the feeling that if you played this for someone who had never heard death metal, they wouldn’t find it particularly shocking. Maybe this is something you’re into, but it’s not really something I want to listen to. It’s not a bad album; it just doesn’t do much.

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~ by noktorn on July 31, 2007.

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