Black Tribe – War

‘War’ is terribly stupid shit but I find that I love it anyway. I suppose it’s because I listen to this stuff in a slightly cleaned up form pretty regularly; Roadkill Sodomizer, Enbilulugugal and the like. And, of course, I can empathize with an overly spirited teenager just putting something out there without regard for what it really IS (hmm, reminds me of someone else…), so excited to finally release something and become ‘a part of the underground’ that what’s being released ends up being rather unimportant. And I love how inherently melodramatic and pretentious it is, and so acutely AWARE of its pretense, absolutely in love with making more of something than it actually is. It’s a vanity piece and it clearly knows it, and it works with absolutely no regard for anything in particular but pure, undiluted energy and enthusiasm. And that, to me, matters a lot more than technical skill or, hell, even songwriting in some cases.

I’m pretty sure that if this was a C-10 released by a guy in a basement in New Jersey with a few distortion pedals and a contact mike instead of a German in corpsepaint with actual musical instruments, this would have been a cult smash instead of the distant curiosity that it is today. It’s almost completely incoherent, to be sure; you can understand maybe 20% of what goes on the whole demo, and the rest is thrashing, bubbling noise that would be more in place on a Deathpile record than next to a Darkthrone CD. This isn’t metal; maybe there are some riffs buried under the infinite distortion that once had something to do with it, but the subterranean production values have changed it’s genre into simple esoteric experimentation. However, like most of Black Tribe’s early experimental releases, there’s a bizarre streak of subtlety and artistry underneath all the trash, in the form of tiny, simplistic guitar lines (such as at the beginning of ‘The Last Infernal Sunrise’, or near the end of ‘Slay The Shepherd’, which sounds like it came out of some unknown Catasexual Urge Motivation split with it’s little bends). Hell, even the weird banjo-tambourine… thing in the beginning of the final track speaks to something greater than just pointless noise.

The fact is, though, that all the early Black Tribe material is supposed to be viewed in such a way; in this case, this demo is a complete accomplishment that should be revered by all, if just to piss John Gill off. ‘War’ is less music and more some sort of duel between listener and artist, and it would be a shame not to TRY to like it as much as possible in that spirit. This demo is perfect when it comes to enthusiasm and execution, complete trash on every level, and should be listened to by both everyone and no one at once.


~ by noktorn on August 2, 2007.

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