End Of Road – W.A.R.

End Of Road is the side project of Warkommander Darkruler Leviathan of Mexican black/death group Andramelech. The music here, unlike his main band, is an extremely violent, chaotic style of warlike black metal, eschewing much of the death metal dynamic of Andramlech in favor of an onslaught of pure black metal brutality. And brutal it is: borderline unlistenable at times due to its pure, unbridled intensity. I find this stuff to be interesting; you don’t.

Let’s get a couple things out of the way. Production is, of course, abysmal, but you should expect that. Slightly less expected is the fact that the drums (machine-made, in this case) are almost completely inaudible, rendering this album to be essentially nothing but guitar and dual vocals. The guitars play extremely raw, simplistic tremolo the vast majority of the time, with the occasional lapse into rhythmic thrash riffing. Vocals are occasionally doubletracked and consist of a mid-tone death metal voice and an incredibly violent and rage-filled black metal shriek. The vocals are the centerpiece of this release: they’re possibly the most intense I’ve ever heard in metal. Even if you hate this style, it’s worthwhile to listen to this merely to hear the vocals, and, by association, what true misanthropy is like.

The drums, while inaudible, are mostly an unchanging blast. When it comes to the riffs, they’re a rather mixed bag. Some are rather boring (mostly the thrashy ones), whereas others, such as on ‘Exterminate!’ are extremely powerful and memorable despite their simplicity. Technical skill is low and prone to instrumental errors, but this is clearly not music to be listened to for technical expertise. The best points on ‘W.A.R.’ are the most chaotic; when the vocals and guitars are going full blast at once and the distortion blows out all sense of structure. This is true war black metal: completely single-minded and obsessed with destruction.

Whether you enjoy this music will come exclusively down to your tolerance (or enjoyment) of extremely raw, entropy-fueled black metal. For a noizemonger like me, it’s perfect. For most others, it’s odious. Take your pick.


~ by noktorn on August 7, 2007.

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