Evergreen Terrace – Wolfbiker

I know next to nothing about hardcore, but I do know that ‘Wolfbiker’ is fun as fuck, and that despite never having heard Evergreen Terrace’s music before this point, I’m immediately planning to check out more of their material. The music here for all intents and purposes seems to be pop-punk translated into modern hardcore, and the result is cheesy, fun, catchy music that is not meant to be taken seriously in any way, but IS most certainly meant to be headbang to. There’s few breakdowns here: it’s almost all d-beats, high speed riffing and melodic choruses, just the way I like it. And best of all, there are no lyrics about brotherhood at all.

The riffing here is fantastic. It’s all very fast, melodic stuff packed to the brim with hooks and wonderful, traditional melodic sense. I can’t fault Evergreen Terrace for lacking experimentation: the fact that this music is dependably solid is what really makes it a winner. The songs are all fairly similar to each other, but this is fine, because each song kicks spectacular ass in its own way. The production is thick and full and perfectly representative of the mood that the tracks have. Instrumentation, similarly, is energetic, intense, and incredibly pleasing to the ear. Perhaps the centerpiece of the music, however, are the clean vocals that pop up during the enormously catchy choruses. These sections form the very core of the album, the most memorable and wonderfully realized portions that stick with you long after the CD is over.

The best tracks are those with the clearest centerpieces in these choruses. ‘High Tide Or No Tide’ is possibly the best track on the album for this reason, possessing one of the most insidiously catchy riffs and vocal lines I’ve ever heard, but others have their charms as well. The title track has a similarly triumphant melody, and ‘Where There Is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline’ carries a set of Pelican-style post-rock leads which add an entirely new and beautiful layer to the music, both unexpected and strangely fitting. This album is packed with small, subtle elements that do greatly to bring the album from merely good to great. Excellent, excellent music all around.

‘Wolfbiker’ is a surprisingly deep and multifacted album by Evergreen Terrace. I highly encourage all fans of hardcore and even metal to give this a chance and observe the dedication and enthusiasm of this band towards their craft. Top notch work.

(Originally written for http://www.vampire-magazine.com)


~ by noktorn on August 8, 2007.

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