Tortured Sun – Nefarious

Tortured Sun does some questionable things from time to time, but overall their ‘Nefarious’ EP is pretty damned good. This is very solid modern deathrash with some oldschool riffing, reminding me quite a bit of Teutonic thrashers like Destruction. Production is clear, instrumentation is very good, songwriting is solid and riffs are almost always great. Also, I’m completely sure that this EP would be positively hilarious if set to a video of old people dancing. I’m not sure why.

The riffs here are clearly the centerpiece of the music, and for the most part they’re very good, heavy and thrashing. The two general schemes are mid-paced open chord chug riffs and tremolo, and the former are probably better. They’re very traditional and grooving and packed with aggression, and they have a rhythmic sensibility about them that shows a great deal of maturity. Drumming compliments the riffs very well, with a great deal of fills and variations keeping things interesting, along with some cool syncopated snare action to keep things interesting. Vocals are very good and very aggressive: standard thrash vocals that seem to be even more venomous than normal, especially when they explode into some very nice screams. I can’t say the meathead lyrics aren’t pretty awesome as well (‘My soul is filled with rage and… HAAAAAATE!!!’) despite their simplicity, and seem to stick in your head very well. The death metal influence here pretty much comes from the fairly fast blasting sections; apart from those, it’s pretty straight thrash. Perhaps the only really annoying thing on this album are the strange sweep riffs that the band feels the need to incorporate: they’re noisy, discordant and don’t really add anything to the music at all. The rest of the riffs though are incredibly solid due to how traditionally thrashy and heavy they are: there’s just no need to add more than is necessary to make you bang your head.

The production here is very good and clear, leaving all the instruments, including the bass, audible and on equal footing. A word on the bass playing: excellent. Steven Brock’s bass lines add a great deal to the music, with small, jazzy melodies under the guitars adding a good deal of depth to the music, such as on ‘Bloody Toothpick’. A bit of distortion could be added to the bass’ tone, but overall its contribution is very good. While the tracks are each fairly similar to each other, they’re each pretty good as well. The very best thing of all about ‘Nefarious’, though? No groove or core influence in sight. The music here is very pure, very good, and completely devoid of anything like Pantera or Unearth. Rare enough to be notable these days.

So, for all the thrashers out there who fear the genre’s dead, check out Tortured Sun’s ‘Nefarious’. It’s oldschool, it’s heavy, it’s got riffs, it needs nothing else.


~ by noktorn on August 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tortured Sun – Nefarious”

  1. Too bad those simple aggressive lyrics ’My soul is filled with rage and… HAAAAAATE!!!’ We’re written by me……and i’m not in the band

  2. Never said they were from someone in the band.

  3. Hey Terry, STFU.

    You wrote the words to one song. What do you want, a cookie?

  4. actuily terry your wrong i wrote those lyrics just because your pissed off that you got kicked out of your other band dosn’t mean you can come on here and try to take credit for shit that isn’t yours… bitch!

  5. /facepalm

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