Happy Days – A World Of Pain

The material on ‘A World Of Pain’ is pretty much the same sort of thing that’s on the later ‘Cold And Alone’ demo, only with the flaws magnified a great deal more. ‘Cold And Alone”s production is raw, to be sure: here it’s even rawer, making certain tracks (‘Welcome (To A World Of Pain)’ and ‘Lidende’) basically inaudible due to the excruciatingly thin guitar sound that drains all the melody out of the compositions and the overly loud vocals which run over everything. However, ignoring these (admittedly rather glaring) flaws, the core of solid music is still present on this demo.

Peel back the layers of static and overblown distortion and you’ve got slightly more complex riffing than on the later demo, as well as seemingly more precise drumming. Greater usage of arpeggiated intros is present as well, generally creating an atmosphere of greater dynamic variation than on ‘Cold And Alone’. The best track is probably ‘No Point In Living…’, as one of the tracks with the best productions as well as best song writing and riffing. Vocals are essentially the same as on the later demo, though perhaps a bit more sparse and less dramatic. If you try very hard on the ultra-raw bordering on unlistenable tracks, you can hear a similarly developed sense of melody. But you certainly have to dig for it.

The ‘Alone And Cold’ demo has a more established atmosphere and is generally better constructed than the music on ‘A World Of Pain’, but this one has its charms as well, though it’s even rawer and more unformed than the later release. It’s a curious little demo that gives some indication to the later works, but there’s no denying that ‘Cold And Alone’ is the superior release by far. Give it a listen, but skip the two tracks that you won’t be able to actually, you know, listen to.


~ by noktorn on August 15, 2007.

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