God Size Hate – Again We Bleed

Yes, there are metal bands in New York that aren’t brutal death! I’m as surprised as you are. God Size Hate is a four-piece post-thrash band with just enough hardcore influence to piss a bunch of metalheads off. Not me, though; the hardcore influence here is tasteful and doesn’t take the form of breakdowns or gang vocals. Their self-released debut LP, ‘Again We Bleed’, features twelve tracks of solid heavy metal that I’ve listened to a number of times since its arrival in my mailbox. Of course, I like Throwdown. too.

But a comparison to Throwdown isn’t fair in this case, I’ll admit. The hardcore influence in God Size Hate comes primarily in riffing: Very simple two or three chord chug riffs are used for rhythm throughout most of the album. However, these simple riffs are augmented by extremely dextrous and ripping fast leads which glide over the rhythms in a particularly unique way. The sole other hardcore influence comes in the unclean vocals: an abrasive hardcore shout not too far from Hatebreed, with a bit of Windstienian gruffness. The influence from hardcore ends there, however. The rest of the music is pure post-thrash ala Pantera or similar artists with the occasional melodic twist of traditional heavy metal. While the riffing is simple, there’s enough going on apart from the riffing to please those not interested in such a style: contrasting rhythms in the form of drums and bass, the occasional overrunning double tracked vocal lines, the dramatic flair of an impromptu solo, etc. Really, there’s something to please everyone.

Apart from purely instrumental influence, a sense of hardcore aggression is present in the music, adding just that extra bit of brutality necessary to separate God Size Hate from numerous other artists. Even though some progressive influence is present, such as with the mellow lead guitar at the end of ‘Never Again’, the emphasis of the album is clearly on intense, pounding displays of anger, like the 2007 version of Demolition Hammer or some similarly possessed artist of old. Perhaps the biggest flaw is in the employment of clean vocals, which are very hit or miss: about half the time they work very well (‘Far Into The East’) and the other half they just fall flat (‘Coming Apart’). The vibrato just doesn’t work with music like this. Production is clean and maintains the individual power of each instrument without detracting from the core sound.

So, while it’s not doing something incredibly new, ‘Again We Bleed’ is a heavy, enjoyable slab of music that I find myself listening to more than average. If you don’t mind the subtle hardcore influence or the relative simplicity of the material, it’s certainly something to examine for those of us looking for a bread-and-butter album that can be listened to at any time.


~ by noktorn on August 17, 2007.

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  1. thank you so much nice!!

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