Dream Moon/KVM – Filthy Raw Black Metal Legion

(Note: Dream Moon is a particularly reclusive artist who has no interest in promotion or greater recognition, even going as far as to say that he regrets having Philosophical Sepulchers Productions print this split, despite its relatively small release of 66 copies. For this reason, I’ve been informed that the artist would likely not want his work reviewed in any form. To respect his wishes, only KVM’s side of this split will be discussed.)

I would be ENORMOUSLY surprised if Lord Wehrwolf of KVM was not at the very least familiar with Hell Rot, and only slightly less surprised if he didn’t have a copy of ‘Vomit Altar’ that has borderline disintegrated from constant playing. I won’t say that KVM is a clone of Hell Rot; far from it, as musically they really aren’t quite that similar. But they DO have almost precisely the same aesthetic and feel to their music, and a sort of Von-like ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude that’s only found in the best that black metal has to offer. This should have been released on tape.

The music here is fairly minimal occult black metal with some minor death influences, mostly in the vocals. Sound like Hell Rot? Yeah, but the execution is a great deal different. The music here isn’t NEARLY as overbearingly atonal and experimental, and is more grounded in traditional USBM songwriting than that other artist. The production is awesome, with a haze of misty guitar over great, simple (machine?) drumming, and with a fantastic, perhaps slightly distorted vocal performance to back it up (probably the greatest similarity to Hell Rot), composed of black metal screams and shrieks as well as a wide variety of very guttural death growls. The music is completely riff based, and the riffs are fantastic. Very simple and haunting, like it was recorded in a cemetery, and the other instruments seem to back everything up perfectly; ‘Graveyard Sodomy’ is fucking PERFECTION, despite only really having one riff aside from the small guitar intro. The performances aren’t quite as crude as you would think: there are no perceptible instrumental errors, and even the drumming seems pretty tight and even somewhat complex in places.

Yet despite this professionalism, there’s the perfect amount of crudeness and grime to catapult KVM into my heart. It’s very clearly USBM; nothing like this could come out of Europe, and there’s a delicious rawness to it that doesn’t lose sight of songwriting. You could almost say this is like Nunslaughter if they played black metal, with the shorter song lengths, simple yet excellent riffs and structures, and single-minded songs that emphasize pounding a single idea into you without ever becoming too repetitive or boring. I love this! It’s entirely unpretentious, clearly made in a short period of time while half drunk sometime around 1 AM, and it’s brilliant BECAUSE of this, not despite it.

So anyway, KVM is awesome and I can’t wait for Lord Wehrwolf to release something else. I’m filing this away in the same space that I keep Hell Rot and Prosanctus Inferi: that is, artists to rape nuns to. Excellent stuff.


~ by noktorn on August 29, 2007.

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