The Torture Of Comacine – Demo 2007

The running time of this demo is slim, but it gets the point across. The Torture Of Comacine plays that style of deathcore that takes as much from Gothenburg as the more brutal styles, which results in deathcore that’s a bit more varied than most. The two tracks on this demo are highly professional and well structured deathcore that manages a good balance between brutality and melody, as well as with a good deal of technicality thrown in as well.

The beginning of opening track ‘Casey Becker’s Last Words’ could be confused for a DM song, with some very cool tremolo riffing, before the pace slows a bit and breaks into an abstractly melodic section, and finishes by diving back into brutality again. The second half of this demo, ‘Plains Of Endless Desolation’, begins in a much more typical melodeath/metalcore fashion ala Dead To Fall or similar artists, but then the band roughs it up more in the midsection before sweep-picked solos come in and the track concludes with mid-paced chug riffing. It’s a concise demonstration of the band’s abilities wrapped up with a pretty bow of high production values and few breakdowns. I believe there’s only one bass drop, too.

The central issue: while it’s well played and constructed and mostly enjoyable to listen to, there’s not much new going on as far as originality goes. The Torture Of Comacine is able to set themselves ahead of the pack merely by virtue of abandoning many of the clichés of the deathcore style and simply writing engaging music, but there still isn’t a big surge of originality here. I’m hoping that the band’ll branch out on their own later, though where they are now isn’t bad by any means. Others would probably complain about the extremely short running time of this release, but I greatly prefer that to the band overstaying their welcome.


~ by noktorn on September 5, 2007.

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