They Found Her In Pieces – 2007 Demo

I consider myself pretty well versed in deathcore. Yeah, it’s a rather benighted genre in the metal scene, but I enjoy it, so that’s really all that matters. And in my more or less study of it, deathcore moves in a few different directions. The first, and by far the most popular, is the basic melodic death/metalcore mix typified by groups such as Dead To Fall. Then you’ve got another, more accepted in the metal scene dimension, which is the brutal deathcore style of bands like Despised Icon. There are a few others, but these are the two largest branches. However, there’s a smaller subsection that’s rather interesting, and it’s the one that They Found Her In Pieces belongs to. This subsection, with the most obvious example being Through The Eyes Of The Dead, is based on taking the general elements of the melodic death/metalcore style and driving them way fucking beyond whatever they were intended to be in the first place. It’s made faster, more brutal, even more dramatic, and just generally more extreme. I personally like it. Your mileage may vary.

So, with the description in place, it would be fair to say that Through The Eyes Of The Dead is a pretty big influence on They Found Her In Pieces. They both employ a high, raspy scream of a vocal style with periodic death growls, both possess the highly emotional, almost Vehemence-derived lead riffing styles balanced by the more obvious metalcore chugging and breakdowns. The style is perhaps less insanely overblown than that other band’s, though: there seems to be a bit more restraint in the displays of emotion and dramatic instrumentation. The music is in general more restrained and a bit more death metal focused, apart from the obviously hardcore derived breakdowns that occur on most every song.

They Found Her In Pieces like using those winding, off-time, melodic Anata leads, which is always a cool feature. A bit more time seems to have been spent on the riffing patterns here than usual: they generally mesh in creative ways instead of just going with the dual chug/dual lead format that most metalcore bands use. There’s plenty of harmonization, of course, but it’s offset by just as much dual rhythmic play, which adds detail to the compositions. The fact that the riffs are very solid is the most important part of this demo: it’s only around twenty percent metalcore riffing. The rest are melodic riffs that, as stated before, would not sound out of place on a Vehemence record. The well employed vocals are also a plus; when combined with the very solid drum performance, the compositions are rounded out nicely. Occasionally the band slips too far into drama and veers into silly territory (‘Sparta’; just listen for it, you seriously can’t miss it), but generally stays well within the confines of listenability.

In the end, this is a solid demo. I’m the kind of person who finds this style very pleasing to the ears; others may or may not as well. It’s probably not going to change your mind about this genre of music all by itself; it rests too comfortably within the style’s confines for that. What it is, though, is a good example of this specific branch of deathcore, and a fun listen all the way through with a good deal of longevity behind it. That’s good enough for me.


~ by noktorn on September 14, 2007.

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