Necro Cult – Utter Darkness

I think I’ll begin this review by saying that Nocturous really doesn’t give a fuck about you. Yes, you, reading this right now. He specifically takes time out of his day to spend on not giving a fuck about you or your opinions of what music should be. This is probably because Necro Cult plays what is essentially anti-music. Maybe it’s not quite as utterly brutal and insane as something like Emit, but it’s certainly far beyond what most people are ever going to want to listen to. This is just the way that I, and I believe Nocturous, want it to be.

Necro Cult is the Mangled Whore Flesh of black metal. The best description of Necro Cult’s music is to imagine the sound of sole member Nocturous drowning in an endless ocean of guitar feedback and frantic tremolo riffing while screaming for the guitar-waters to take more people with him. Above and beyond any concept of coherence, this is easily one of the most spectacularly vicious and hateful pieces of music I’ve ever heard in my life. There’s a drum machine somewhere in the infinite wall of static. It doesn’t really matter. There are riffs, too: occasionally audible bursts of hateful, semimelodic tremolo riffing in the Darkthrone style, but those don’t really matter either. Hell, there might be lyrics, but those, again, don’t matter. What does matter is the noise. The whirlwind of absolute, pitch black darkness that envelopes the listener, and makes them forget about the weird production changes or relatively incoherent song structures. It’s music for a very, very specific sort of audience.

You can roughly divide music listeners into two groups: those that are able to appreciate something purely on the basis of passion, intensity, and dedication, and those that cannot. If you can’t love a piece of music simply based on how ferocious, dark, and horrific it is, you should surely stay away from this. But for the population that loves sheer misanthropy in musical form, this is possibly the perfect demo. I can hardly think of another release which inspires such feelings of utter negativity, insanity, and loathing as this one. So, if you can appreciate this terrorizing noise as a statement more than a collection of songs, you’ll love it. I know I do.


~ by noktorn on September 16, 2007.

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