One Brick Down – This Is Tribalcore

The combination of metalcore and tribal music doesn’t sound like something that would be very hard to come across, but in practice, it’s pretty unique. One Brick Down’s style of metalcore does do something new, even if that new thing is rather roughly incorporated at this point. This five-piece out of New Jersey is at the very least trying to rise above the morass of other metalcore bands that are currently saturating the metal scene, and I have to commend them for that alone.

So One Brick Down plays what they call ‘tribalcore’, as you could probably guess by the title of this demo. Essentially, this is metalcore with sections of tribal music and other tribal elements incorporated in the music, primarily through atypical use of percussion. There’s lots of hand drums and tambourines used, and the occasional section of acoustic guitar and clean vocals. Now, a new influence is not enough to make an otherwise bad band good. One Brick Down is smart enough to have a solid musical base in metalcore before adding anything different. And on that front, they work well, playing a pretty traditional style of metalcore with decent songwriting backing it.

The difference comes, of course, with the tribal influences. The hand percussion actually does add a pretty solid layer to the music, and doesn’t seem to be there just for show. The trouble is in incorporation. I really like the sections of the music where it’s tribal instruments under the metalcore section; it’s a shame they’re rather sparingly used, as I’d like to hear more. The more common usage is making what are effectively interludes of tribal music, which, while nice on its own, doesn’t really mesh with the metalcore. I’d like to hear the music incorporated more with the metalcore itself, like on those sections with the hand percussion plus metal, as I think they more accurately represent the style of music the band wants to play. The style of metalcore they’re playing complements it well enough, in fact: fairly melodic and solo-driven, with good instrumental performances and some interesting rhythms above and beyond what you typically hear.

In the end, I like what I hear, and I want to hear more and more developed. More music, a deeper incorporation of the tribal elements; all the things you would typically guess I want to hear. The main obstacle that One Brick Down faces is the meshing of the elements at work. I’m not sure if they ultimately will be able to fully reconcile the two styles, but the music here seems to be a good indication as to an affirmative answer. Granted, the tribal influences aren’t going to persuade anyone who hates metalcore, as the style is pretty clearly defined here. But for those who don’t mind it and are seeking something different? Yes, it’s good.


~ by noktorn on September 16, 2007.

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