Among The Decayed – Dead Rising

This is rather cool brutal death metal with a bit of traditional flair: think Iniquity combined with Disgorge. It’s clearly ‘brutal’ and more percussive than traditional death metal, but it maintains the oldschool style of pacing, with some extra rhythmic play ala newer Cannibal Corpse. It’s not a very subtle style: apart from a couple brief intros and samples, it’s straight-up death metal from square one and doesn’t stop until the last seconds of ‘Dead Rising”s closing Nunslaughter cover have trickled away. It’s a half hour long, the songs are all around two or three minutes, and every bit of this seems cut as harshly as possible, like there’s no time at all for the band to hang out, grab a bite to eat, chat a little about how the kids are doing. It has somewhere to go, clearly.

Most of the riffs here are of the general BDM chuggy/tremolo variety, but there are the occasional, more melodic ones to spice things up. Vocals are quite varied, moving from mid-ranged growl/rasps to Iniquity-style pure death growls, all the way down to Devourment style gutturals and even some sparingly employed pig squeals. And yet all slam influence is curiously absent despite the presence of these latter two: there are no breakdowns or even more traditional, thrashy pit riffs. The closest thing to real variance are the appearance of those newly popular ‘Staring From The Abyss’ sweeps; otherwise, everything is really straightforward. The strangely dirty guitar tone does a bit to take this back to the early 90s, almost reminding one of Autopsy with more technicality and dynamic fidelity. Drums are solid and somewhat punky, with big emphasis on uptempo bass drum/snare interplay: the blasting really isn’t the most important thing going on at all. It’s a very pure musical entity: anything that doesn’t belong has been quickly and decisively removed, as it would just slow Among The Decayed down.

The songs aren’t all especially different from each other, but each maintains enough uniqueness to be cool and not get boring. The riffs are all consistently good and don’t seem as interchangeable as a lot of brutal death metal bands, which is a very nice change of pace. A lot of emphasis seems to be placed on the interaction between guitars and drums, with each instrument dead set on echoing the other very precisely. It’s well crafted, no doubt about it: everything is well played and everything is in exactly the place that it needs to be. Like Suffocation, there’s a lot of riffs that develop and turn into variations of themselves: the band doesn’t repeat itself too much at all, which is a feature I greatly enjoy. I can’t say the music is fantastically memorable, but it is very good at what it does.

I like how little time this album seems to waste. Not merely in strict running time, but in the compositions of the songs. The band never waffles around with unimportant riffs or parts designed to inflate running time: they go for the jugular and move onto the next composition. It translates to a great deal of perceptible confidence in the music, as it’s clearly a band that feels no need to make concessions to the audience. It does not progress, it does not attempt to impress anyone, it does not do anything that it does not set out to do. Among The Decayed play pure death metal for pure death metal fans, and they clearly don’t want it any other way. Hell, you could almost call it businesslike if it wasn’t so intent on bludgeoning you with riffs and double bass. I like it a lot, and if you like death metal, you should too.


~ by noktorn on September 23, 2007.

One Response to “Among The Decayed – Dead Rising”

  1. i agree! couldn’t be more stoked to be releasing this record on my label!

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