Interview with Aeon (Sweden)

Many things are said of Aeon. Some say that merely speaking the name of these Swedish brutal death metallers is enough to make any Christian in a ten mile area projectile vomit before kneeling to pray for forgiveness in a pool of their own sick. Some have said that so much as playing the entity’s debut LP, ‘Bleeding The False’, has caused small animals to spontaneously combust and churches to collapse where they stand, crushing any of the helpless souls inside. An eyeless seer even once told me that Aeon were somehow retroactively responsible for the death of Christ himself. Of course, these are all merely rumors from the demented and insane. What IS confirmed, though, is that Aeon’s latest album, ‘Rise To Dominate’, is without a doubt one of the most savage and blistering death metal releases of 2007, and is a massive contender for death metal album of the year. I was honored and privileged to be able to speak with the most brutal men in Sweden about the latest album, the future of Aeon, and, of course, the downfall of Christianity and the nature of God giving head in heaven.

Hails, Aeon! How is the band doing these days?
Hi man! We are doing really well, i think. Right now we are trying to promote our new album as hard as we can by answer a shitload of interviews and whatnot.

The new album ‘Rise To Dominate’ is absolutely killer! How has response been from fans and critics?
Thanks man! The response we got so far has been pretty damn good. Most of the fans and critics seems to like it very much. I have read almost 30 reviews so far and the majority of them is really good. Some even praises the album to be one of the best death metal releases this year. That is very flattering to hear to say the least.

How do you feel that the band has changed since ‘Bleeding The False’?
Mainly, i think we are better musicians today than we was back when we recorded “Bleeding the false”. We have also changed one band-member since then. Johan, our previous bass-player have been replaced with Max and that of-course makes a little difference as-well. He is one killer bass-player and his style suites us very well.

What was your goal when writing and recording ‘Rise To Dominate’?
The same goal that we always have, to create the most brutal death metal album out there. We wanted to do something that was better than our previous album, and i really think we managed to do that. We also had in mind to create a more raw and unedited production this time around.

It seems that the music on ‘Rise To Dominate’ is more complex and varied than the material on ‘Bleeding The False’, while still maintaining the brutality of that release. Was this an intentional shift on your part?
Not really actually. It’s not like i have thought “Hey, lets make something more complex…”. Me and Zeb have probably evolved a bit as songwriters as-well since we did the previous album. The only thing i really care for when i am writing music is, “is this really brutal?” If there is a slightest doubt in my mind, i will throw the damn thing away and starts over.

Was there a conscious decision to eliminate the humor of the previous album? Looking at the lyrics, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘God Gives Head In Heaven’ equivalent on your new release.
No, i don’t really think so. It was mainly that particular song on BTF (and maybe “Bow your head” as well) that was sarcastic and had that sense of humor to it. I think that the rest of the lyrics on Bleeding the false is pretty similar to the lyrics on Rise To Dominate.

Since your appearance on the Metal Blade 25th Anniversery tour was canceled, are there any plans currently to tour at another time soon? How about another one for the US?
No, no plans at the moment. We must sort things out with Nils and his future touring-schedule with his other bands before we can start planning our own tours. I really hate the fact that we had to cancel the Metal Blade tour! It is a great tour, with awesome bands and all…Our biggest fan base is in the US. Hopefully, it will not take long before we can hit the states.

Some ideological questions. There’s obviously no doubt that Aeon is highly anti-Christian in nature. Does the band align itself with any organizations, political or philosophical, or are you entirely independent of such ties?
We are all against christianity and religions in general. But none of us is involved in any organizations or similar. I don’t take any political stand either. So it’s safe to say that i am completely independent of such ties.

Does Aeon approach anti-Christianity through a purely human perspective, or through a Satanic one as well, and do you consider Aeon a Satanic band?
I can only speak for me, but i ‘m more of an anti-christian type of person than satanic. I just hate religions, thats all. As it goes for the other members, it’s really up to them to answer that question, i think.

Is Satan to you a philosophical ideal, or a supernatural entity?
If any, i would say philosophical.

Do you feel that Aeon is primarily about the music, or is it a method of communicating your ideological message?
It’s absolutely primarily about the music.

Why have you chosen to employ death metal to spread your words as opposed to the more common choice of black metal, particularly for your geographical region?
Since it’s the music that is really important for us, it’s pretty simple. We are more into death-metal music than black and therefor the choice of style.

A hypothetical question, if you will. You are given the hardest choice in the world: Instantaneously kill every Christian on the planet, or be able to rape, torture, and kill Jesus Christ on international television. What is the more suitably evil choice?
Hahaha…… torture and kill Jesus on international TV sounds like a great deal of fun, so i’d pick that.

What is the origin of Aeon’s name?
The band already had that name when i joined so i really don’t know how Zeb and the guys came up with it.

What’s spinning in Aeon’s collective CD player, and what are some lesser known artists from Sweden that you would recommend to us?
I can only speak for my own CD player since we don’t got a collective one… Right now, it’s a lot of King Diamond albums spinning. I get periods when i listen to the king allot. One artist i found out about recently that i was surprised with was our label-mates “The Absence” and their latest effort, “Risers of the Plague”. Some kind of Arch Enemy like metal… but much better in my opinion.

Thanks very much for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to answer our ridiculous philosophical questions. Is there anything you’d like to end this interview with?
Hahaha, you didn’t get so fancy answers to your ridiculous philosophical questions either, so be my guest. To all the readers, thanks for taking your time reading this interview and be sure to check out our latest album, Rise to dominate. Take care.

On behalf of Vampire Magazine, I’d like to thank Aeon for giving us their time and attention for this interview. Be sure to check out Aeon’s ‘Rise To Dominate’, in stores now. Thanks for reading; we’ll see you in hell.

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