Veneral Disease – Superior Supremacy

This is possibly the first album I’ve heard where a band has served itself well by not trying hard enough. Veneral Disease tries really hard on the intro to ‘Superior Supremacy’ and fails miserably at it. They go for the epic chord and bass drum flourishes in an attempt to be more than a generic death metal band and fall flat on their faces in the process. It’s simply not for them.

But in the subsequent songs, when Veneral Disease stops trying to do anything more than completely generic death metal, they end up shining. Or, I guess not shining, but being dull in a really cool way. You see, Veneral Disease is the most archtypical modern death metal band out there. It’s almost painfully straightforward music. Every song is completely linear: the music is entirely riff-based, and the songs are all about lining those riffs up and simply making everything else reflect them. But what the band lacks in subtlety they make up for in knowledge of how to craft a good death metal song. Each track on this album is packed with double bass and blasting, tremolo and chug riffs, and brutal, guttural growls and double-tracking that ignites the music around it.

Veneral Disease doesn’t sound like any death metal bands because they are death metal itself. When you think of ‘death metal’, what you hear in your mind is ‘Superior Supremacy’. Possessing a moderate technicality in some of the midpaced riffs, it does little to make the music ‘deeper’, and this is a good thing. The entire strength of this album is in how completely singular and one-track it is. It is death metal exclusively for the death metal fan. It is not, however, entirely dependent upon its own sense of convention; the writing is actually good. Many of the riffs are extremely quality, all the performances are enjoyable savage, and the slight bits of melody versus dissonance that pop up helps keep things interesting.

I believe that this album will likely get overlooked due to its lack of originality or outstanding qualities, but that really shouldn’t be. When it comes to generic death metal, Veneral Disease has mastered the style, and writes music that really captures the spirit, intensity, and very enjoyment in the experience of listening to death metal. You remember when you had only been into metal for a few years and every play of a Suffocation album had a sort of magic about it? This album really captures that sort of joy in the music. I can safely say that ‘Superior Supremacy’ is the best album I’ve ever heard that I can remember absolutely nothing about.

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~ by noktorn on October 27, 2007.

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