Mouth Of The Serpent – Mouth Of The Serpent

Mouth Of The Serpent’s debut EP is three tracks of competent melodic death/metalcore with an added technical edge. That would suffice as a one-sentence review, as it instantly carves out the niche that the band is working from. It’s not music that will change anyone’s minds about the style, but it will work as a pretty solid piece within its own field.

So Mouth Of The Serpent resembles a lot of popular melodic death/metalcore artists out there today such as Dead To Fall. The guitarwork, however, is a good deal more intricate and creative than most. Above and beyond the standard melodeath riffs and occasional chugs, there are riffs of a more melodic and technical variety, almost like a more palatable version of Dark Tranquillity’s ‘The Gallery’. Additionally, the music is aggressive enough in the less melodic sections to maintain the listeners interest. While this is obviously metalcore influenced, the metalcore itself is of a more subdued nature; there’s not much in the way of breakdowns or very obvious metalcore riffing, but the more melodic aspects of the genre are present. The occasional pig squeal is an interesting twist in this melodic style of music; atypical, yet not entirely unfitting. Overall, the mixture is familiar, but different enough to be interesting throughout the three songs on this EP.

This is another band that’s not doing much new, but is twisting the formula slightly and pulling it off well. I enjoy this EP a fair deal, and most of the fans of melodeath/metalcore out there probably will as well. I believe that the added technical edge of this music is where the band’s real style lies, and I hope to see it exercised more in the future. So far, it’s promising.


~ by noktorn on October 30, 2007.

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