Warbringer (United States Of America) – One By One The Wicked Fall

‘One By One The Wicked Fall’ should have a sticker on it that says “Designed to be played at volumes of 11 and up”. I think something gets lost in the translation if you play it any more quietly. This is a case above and beyond even normal thrash; it HAS to be blasted for the full effect to be felt. This is, of course, a compliment, as Warbringer’s debut EP is an excellent blast of thrash metal from the past that is definitely worth a look from any thrash fans out there.

The style of thrash that Warbringer plays is like a rawer mixture of Slayer and Nuclear Assault with a bit of modern, brutal thrash artists such as Canada’s Besieged. The overall mood of the music isn’t quite as dark and oppressive as that latter band, but it’s certainly not Municipal Waste happy thrash. The music is dark and fairly rough around the edges, and not overly polished at all. All the elements, from riffs to drumming to vocals, have a bit of added abrasiveness to them that makes the overall package that much better. Even the most melodic track, ‘Beneath The Waves’, is substantially rougher than a lot of thrash. The production may be clearer, but the spirit is most certainly raw.

Most of the music is concentrated on high-speed thrash riffing over speedy double bass or punk patterns, with the very aggressive vocals John Kevill forming a point of focus. Those vocals are extremely powerful and raw, with an almost proto-death sound to them like you would hear in Possessed or a similar artist, punctuated by high, Arayaesque screams. The riffing is strong and ultra-fast, and while much of it is pretty traditional as far as melodic sense goes, it’s played with a level of conviction that keeps things interesting. A special note has to be made for the drum performance: very fast and always fitting the music. There’s even a (brief) blast beat! The most notable and important part of the music, though, is that all the instruments synergize almost perfectly, matching each other in alternately unique and traditional ways, making for a really great listening experience all around.

There’s little more to say. Any thrash fans will want to pick this up immediately, along with copies of ‘Pwn ‘Em All’, ‘Visions Of Pain’, and ‘Plague Called Warfare’. This is another band that you should be setting money aside for instead of Blood Tsunami. Good stuff.


~ by noktorn on November 1, 2007.

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