Sil Veth – The Elemental

The prospect of yet another progressive black/death metal band is probably not one that excites many of you anymore. Believe me, I’m certainly not numbered among those that are clamoring for another Arcturus or whatever. Sil Veth is admittedly pretty good, though. The band is able to craft melodies that stick with you and don’t get bogged down in excess experimentalism and proggy elements. It’s music that’s actually worthwhile to listen to just for itself versus ‘what it all means’.

The general structure is what you’d expect: fairly aggressive riffing over double bass patterns with melodeath style vocals, and more melodic passages contrasting with the requisite clean guitar sections. The performances of all the band members are perfect, and the technical, varied drumming of Ruston Grosse is particularly notable for its grasp of dynamics and meshing with the riffs. And those riffs are pretty uniformly good; they never slip into cloying Gothenburg territory, as much as they seem tempted to at times, and they are generally memorable and interact with each other in an interesting way.

In all honesty, the progressive elements are pretty subdued on ‘The Elemental’ apart from the more obvious things: the clean passages, the above-average technicality, etc. Overall, it’s rather straightforward melodic black/death for fans of the style. The band takes cues from many varied artists, but doesn’t quite sound like any of them, and so do well in establishing their own unique sound. The five tracks on this EP are all quite professional and well done, and speak towards a band that has a promising future ahead of them.

‘The Elemental’ is a very solid piece of metal that deserves a place on most metalheads’ shelves. Fans of modern melodic black/death will most certainly want to pick it up, while others would also be recommended to give it a look. Sil Veth makes worthwhile and enjoyable music, and I’m interested in seeing what they come up with in the future.


~ by noktorn on November 5, 2007.

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