Gravewürm – Infernal Impurity

This unreleased EP from Gravewürm shows the band in what is essentially their most primitive and unformed state. Weirdly enough, the music, as far as riffcraft goes, is more complex than a lot of their mid-era material, even if the general structures, drumming, and sound is as simple as always. The production is, predictably, raw as fuck; the guitars are just one big blunt Mortician-like wash of distortion, with a distant undercurrent of drums and upfront vocals distorted by a cheap microphone helping even out the mix (if you can call it that). ‘Chamber Of Death’ is a pretty archtypical Gravewürm song, with midpaced Frostian groove overriding pretty much all other concerns, while ‘Infernal Lord’ possesses a faster tempo driven by perpetual double bass and blackened tremolo riffing. While they’re not nearly as polished as later Gravewürm work, they’re both good in their own right.

While obviously not up to the standards of later material, this EP is a good history piece for Gravewürm, showing just how far they’ve come over the years. Every play of ‘Into Battle’ is worth a play of this as well, just to give you some perspective on the past, present, and future of one of oldschool extreme metal’s most enduring bands.


~ by noktorn on December 15, 2007.

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