Wervolf – Ork Metal

Another day, another Wervolf release; in this case, the two-track EP ‘Ork Metal’. Part one is one of my favorite Wervolf tracks to date: the guitar-based instrumental ‘Realm’, which combines hard rock and traditional metal style lead guitars in an unusually emotional and atmospheric way. The dueling guitar lines give the piece a very airy, ascending-Olympus feel to the track, and despite being different from the mean, it generally fits the overall feel of Wervolf’s music. The second half, ‘Ork’, is more traditional Wervolf (fast-paced black/thrash with a heavy traditional metal touch) but with an additional punk edge in the riffing, reminding one more of Frost’s other project Retaliation more than Wervolf itself. While a decent track, I don’t quite think it’s able to stand up to some other classic Wervolf tracks like ‘Black Metal Warriors’ and the like. The punky riffs tend to detract from the wild neoclassical soloing that the project generally emphasizes so heavily, setting ‘Ork’ below the average of what Wervolf generally puts out.

The chance of acquiring this is pretty slim, so it’s much easier to simply grab the ‘Canadian Viking Assault’ compilation, which combines ‘Realm’ off this release with seven other great Wervolf tracks, so you’re getting the best of all possible worlds in a single disc. ‘Ork’ is mostly forgettable, but ‘Realm’ is most certainly not, standing as one of Wervolf’s finest moments, so track down at least that song if you dig his other material.


~ by noktorn on December 22, 2007.

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