Parabstruse – And I, The Cape Of…

The latest installment of Parabstruse is yet another one of extremely high quality. In ‘And I, The Cape Of…’, the extreme metal influence that defined the project’s earlier work is now almost completely eschewed, instead now embracing fully the Pelican style ambient post-metal that the band has been leaning heavily towards for so long. This ten and a half minute instrumental track, the only traces of the band’s more abrasive past are present in heavy, distorted guitars; the rest is pure post-metal bliss. Although the style on this track does lean heavily on post-metal conventions, it is still uniquely Parabstruse, with that project’s definitive, watery melody, organic song structure, and layers of blending keys, guitar, and, as always, the crucial bass presence.

Parabstruse’s music is as beautiful as ever. The long track goes through a large series of different, distinct musical movements, each transferring to each other in a nearly unnoticeable fashion. Different layers of the band’s sound are explored via soft, jazzy sections, traditionally epic post-metal climaxes, strange ambient rock-driven portions, and every other conceivable direction. The result is a track that’s hugely varied and complex without ever seeming overwritten. As with all Parabstruse material, the open-minded metalhead is highly encouraged to listen.


~ by noktorn on January 17, 2008.

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