Job For A Cowboy – Doom

I don’t mind deathcore as a genre. I like a lot of it. The problem with ‘Doom’ isn’t that it’s influenced by metalcore; the main issue is that it’s pretty mediocre all around. I picked the EP up on a whim one day having heard most of the tracks before in various locations, so I figured that this would be eight bucks of fun breakdowns and brees. It seems that, unfortunately, the music here is much better when heard one track at a time in various locations than when collected into an EP.

There is one place that ‘Doom’ really shines: it’s great driving music. When I’m on my way to college in the morning, this is a pretty regular play for me. It’s very straightforward, sufficiently brutal, and heavy-production-having, which are all pretty important characteristics for morning drives. At least for me. When I’m sitting at home listening to it though… not so good. None of the songs stick out to me, probably because there’s a hundred bands who play pretty much exactly the same thing (which is another element that makes the hate surrounding this band all the more perplexing). I own better metal albums, and more importantly, I own better deathcore albums, so it’s hard to find a reason to give this particular one a listen.

The problem with this EP isn’t that it has metalcore influences, as I said before. The main problem is that it doesn’t have ENOUGH metalcore influences. I’m serious, this isn’t nearly as ridiculous and mercilessly -core as it should to qualify as the fun experience it really should be. Because honestly, if you take out the bass drops, the breakdowns, and arguably the pig squeal vocals, you’re left with a pretty generic technical death metal album. That’s why ‘Entombment Of A Machine’ easily the most iconic track of this release, is the best: it’s pretty much all breakdowns, bass drops, toughguy riffs, and similarly inclined vocals. Comparatively, the rest of the release just doesn’t have that much of any of those elements; in short, it’s pretty conventional death metal apart from the odd breakdown.

Job For A Cowboy is pretty good at making silly metalcore, and they’re pretty good at making straightforward death metal (I have ‘Genesis’ and it’s actually pretty good modern DM), but when they combine the two extensively, the result is pretty listless. It just goes through the motions throughout its seven tracks. There’s a weirdly large amount of blasting and tremolo riffing, which in this case is rather uninspired. There’s also a lot of midpaced sections that are neither death metal nor metalcore, which feature sort of scattered drumming and winding, repetitive guitar lines, which I suppose may have been Job For A Cowboy’s attempt at a signature style. They’re very uninteresting and I stop paying attention when they happen.

‘Doom’ is the sort of release that’s okay if you’re absentmindedly listening to it, but it really doesn’t hold up in quality under any real scrutiny. There’s a lot of problems with it: the parts of songs feel very disconnected with each other, with the vocals being the only really common thread that holds the songs together, a lot of those sections are overly jerky and arrhythmic, and for an album so centered on groove and breakdowns, there’s not a whole lot of places you can really headbang to. That being said, it’s still an okay listen, and not nearly as odious as many people make it out to be. It’s just sort of boring.


~ by noktorn on January 27, 2008.

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