Screaming Bloody Sluts – Damageupthatpussy

I have an Ipod (it was a gift).  On it, I keep a selection of albums that I have not yet reviewed to listen to while I go about my business, to aid the process of reviewing them eventually.  This is probably the first (of two, actually) review I’ve ever done specifically to allow myself to get an album OFF my MP3 player.  This is mostly because Screaming Bloody Sluts, much like Jeremy Hambrick’s other main project, Mangled Whore Flesh, is recorded at a volume that’s about double what the rest of the music I own is mastered at.  This means that, when the Ipod is on shuffle, there’s a very great chance that a two hundred decible porn sample will startle me into nearly killing myself by a sudden connection between car and telephone pole.  So it’s for my personal safety that I review ‘Damageupthatpussy’.

Here’s essentially how you make a Screaming Bloody Sluts song.  Take a Mangled Whore Flesh track, and add a similarly painfully loud porn sample in the beginning.  Add a layer of noisy distortion over EVERYTHING, including the porn sample.  Change out the drum samples in the original Mangled Whore Flesh track for ones even more brackish and noisy.  Repeat as many times as necessary to fill up a CDr.  For those who haven’t had the privilege of hearing Mangled Whore Flesh, the primary elements are a dual vocal assault of low growls and insane screams, nearly random tremolo/chug riffing, and a blasting drum machine that plays neverending cascading tom fills to accent every riff.  So, in the end, Screaming Bloody Sluts is an even noisier, even more violent, even more unpleasant listen than the other band.  It is, apparently, possible.

Let’s take a look at it as an extreme, demented art piece, though.  When you play a Screaming Bloody Sluts track, you’re immediately confronted by a loud, ultra-distorted porn sample, as though you’re being assaulted by the pure essence of deviant sexuality.  Ultra-obscenity confronts you in the form of art, song title, and lyrics, and is reflected by the similarly extreme and crazed music.  Screaming Bloody Sluts is about attacking the listener with the very concept of sexuality, attempting to make it as abrasive, disgusting, and unpleasant as possible.  The tracks are all similar blurs of insanity and brutality, forcing the listener to confront intense obscenity directly, without backing down in favor of coy euphemisms or puritan values.

Of course there’s a nearly one hundred percent chance that that’s a complete load of bullshit and there is absolutely no such heavy-handed philosophical/cultural implication to all this painfully noisy stuff.  It’s fun to dream though.  This is noisy and horrible, and you probably won’t like it, but I and a few other people do occasionally, which is probably the intention of this project anyway.  Music like this is sort of beyond conventional discussion, so I’ll stop here.


~ by noktorn on January 27, 2008.

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