Screaming Bloody Sluts – Fuckinggoingtoletyouhaveit

In the interest of saving my MP3 player from yet more audio torture, I’ve taken it upon myself to put the final nail in Screaming Bloody Sluts’ second album’s coffin.  ‘Fuckinggoingtoletyouhaveit’, the charmingly-titled sequel to the also charmingly-titled ‘Damageupthatpussy’, is essentially the same album, but about five minutes shorter yet six tracks longer.  This means that all the tracks are shorter, but at the same time, there’s an even greater ratio of sample-to-music than on the first album.  This doesn’t really matter because Jeremy Hambrick gives these CDs away to anyone who requests them.

There seems to be at least a little musical difference from the first LP.  There’s more of a straightforward grind influence on this one; the thirty second to one minute tracks (minus samples) have more vicious blasting and less chugging than the last album.  But apart from that, nothing has really changed.  The production is still ultra-noisy, the riffs are still atonal and almost random, and the toms still cascade as an accent.  This is probably a better album than the former because the shorter songs have more impact and don’t desensitize the listener quite as much, giving them a bit more punch in the long run.  You can only listen to this stuff for so long, really.

But aside from that, this is the same thing as the last Screaming Bloody Sluts album.  If you like this style of music (you probably don’t), you might as well get it.  It’s more noisy death/grind from a guy who’s dedicated his life to it.


~ by noktorn on January 27, 2008.

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