Interview with Pagan Hammer

While those that know of Pagan Hammer’s ideologies know of the project’s nationalistic leanings, ‘Ode To Our Fathers’ is the first time (that I know of) that you’ve made an openly patriotic record.  Tell us about nationalism and the ideas of your new EP.

I feel that, although this country is not at all and far from perfect, I am very fortunate to have been born in a country where I am not killed for having certain beliefs, given a predestined future, or being ruled by a Communist state. I also feel pride in living in the most powerful country in the world currently. I also feel that this country has the potential to rise to a level of progress and stability that it has never reached, and that this may only be achieved if people start believing in this country. My EP portrays these ideologies, but more of its content is inspired by past struggles and successes of this country. That’s why I chose the picture that I did for the cover art as well as its title.

Have the same themes been present on previous releases?  You haven’t released your lyrics, and the cover art is much less explicit compared to the new CD.

Only somewhat, the older releases were more inspired by ancient battles, and war and death. But there was still Patriotism presented in the songs as well. It just wasn’t, as you said, so explicit. But this doesn’t mean that everyone that listens to it needs to feel nationalistic. I was going more for a feeling of pride, power, and longing hope when listening to this CD, but it’s still for everyone to interpret on his or her own.

Your family has a history of military service, correct?

Yes, my Father and back to my Great Grandfather have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I am proud to have such a background, but I feel it will be very hard to live up to their bravery and achievements. I would be lying if I told you that this new release was not at all an attempt to do this.

Do you see yourself joining the service at one point?

Yeah, I could see that. I’ve thought about joining, but not anytime soon. But if talk of reinstating the draft becomes true, you can bet your ass that I’ll be joining. I don’t need to be forced into service if my country truly needs me.

How do you feel about America’s current government, and how do you feel that it could be changed for the better?

Well, there are a lot of things that can change for the better, not nearly all of which I can be informed enough of. But there are certain issues that continue to hurt our country. Control of Islamic Terrorism, abuse of welfare, stability of the economy, “affirmative” action, immigration, and a plethora of other things can be changed so that we are living in a safe and still free society.

Anyone have your vote in the upcoming election?

Uh, it’s hard deciding now. I mean, all of the major candidates left have major flaws that could keep me from voting for them. So I have to say no, not right now. But I will vote one way or the other, we can’t let that bitch Hilary be president, and I’d hate to not take the opportunity to choose the best out of the final candidates.

Discuss your personal ideologies in detail.

Well, since I have already explained my stance on Nationalism, I don’t think I need to go on any further with that. But with that aside, I am a supporter of upholding personal morals and having a sense of individualism. I believe in indulgence, but I also believe that a person should know how and when to restrict their indulgences. Politically, I am a conservative and against far left politics and anarchy. I am not a racist, but I do believe that stereotypes are not based on nothing, and that minorities do not deserve better or worse treatment than whites or any other race. As for religion, you could simply call me an atheist, not a Satanist, not a Pagan (although I highly enjoy learning of ancient religions). I hope that’s detailed enough, but it would be much easier to explain if I were asked my ideology on a particular subject.

On a musical front: how do you get the droning, icy production that all your material possesses?  It’s very unique.  Any particular gear that helps it?

I’m glad you think it is unique. Well, I simply choose a distortion and effects setting that I like the most and then add 2 second reverb to it. The reverb is probably what helps it the most to sound much fuller and smoother. But also my songwriting has a little to do with it.

What made you decide to pursue a split with AOC?

I was asked by Cid from AOC to do the split. So I checked out his music and thought that it sounded great and would probably contrast well with my music.

Is there a tentative release date on that yet?

Not quite, its dependant on how long or short of a time it takes for us to complete our sides and choose a cover art, layout, etc. But we are hoping to release it within the next 2 months or so. I am excited for it though.

How do you feel about the USBM scene in general these days?

Well, at this point it’s not really doing any better or worse compared to the rest of the Black Metal scene. It does seem to be a bit healthier in the underground. But a lot of the bigger Black Metal bands are just getting boring to me.

Are there any other particularly nationalist USBM artists that you know of?  Quebec has a vibrant community of nationalist black metallers, but America is strangely quiet on that front.

I think the N.S. bands Acirema and Gestapo SS, and probably a number of other American N.S. bands. I can’t really think of any that are Nationalist but not NSBM. But yeah, like you said, if there are many that are not NS, they are keeping shut about it. I guess it is because they are afraid of how the rest of the world looks upon America and how nationalist leanings might affect their status in the scene. Or maybe there are just not many American Nationalists in the Black Metal scene at all.

Your feelings on national socialism?

I am not a supporter of it nor am I really driven to condemn it. I just don’t want Pagan Hammer to be associated with it. Fascism and indiscriminate racism do not appeal to me at all. But I can’t really say that I don’t have prejudices myself. I do feel that it adds a sense of balance though, because if we have extreme leftist groups, why should extreme right groups not exist?

What music are you listening to lately yourself?

I’ve been listening to some Thrash and Old school Death Metal, and of course Black Metal. Death and Thrash bands like Toxic Holocaust, Evil Army, Municipal Waste, Possessed, and Morbid Angel. Black Metal stuff like old Behemoth, Drudkh, Bathory, Satanic Warmaster (just got the Revelations EP on 12”), Graveland never go one day without play. And I’ve recently been getting more into Ashes, Impaled Nazarene and Taake.

Name some quality artists from around your area.

Archaic Winter
Ressurection (yes, spelled like that)
Angel Massacre

Thank you for your time.  Is there anything you’d like to say before we conclude?

Thanks for this interview and I hope that it provided some wanted information.


~ by noktorn on February 23, 2008.

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