Ex Kathedra – This Is Where

The sort of material that Ex Kathedra makes isn’t my favorite variety of music, but I can hardly fault it, as it is very well written and even more well played.  The band plays one of those flamboyantly technical post-hardcore/melodic death/proggy/thrashy styles of music with notes from a lot of another Canadian artists; you can hear a bit of Protest The Hero or Camilla Rhodes quite clearly from time to time, but still, the band has a fairly unique sound (apart from the natural resemblance to other ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ artists).  That’s not a branch of music that interests me greatly, but I can earnestly recommend ‘This Is Where’ for those of you who are (and I know there are plenty of you).

The sound is what you’d expect: a fusion of somewhat spazzy Psyopus-type tech metal with more conventional melodic death/thrash leanings.  This makes the music technical and abstract, but not PAINFULLY so, and cuts some of the more difficult-to-listen moments with those a bit more conventional and song-y.  The tracks are deeply varied in structure if not aesthetic, with no two sounding extremely similar, making for a varied and multifaceted listening experience.  Numerous styles are present, from jazzy interludes to borderline grindcore, but it all revolves around the same, colorful themes.  For all the metalheads out there who love music that goes in a hundred directions at once and does them all well, this album is flawless.  Each member performs impeccably at their various instruments and plays with conviction throughout the myriad of twists and turns found in these compositions.

While Ex Kathedra’s brand of metal is not my favorite, is it one I can undoubtedly respect and appreciate on a musical level.  A great album to pick up for fans of technical, progressive metal who also want genuine songwriting and craftsmanship.  Probably not good for those who’ve worn out their copies of ‘Transilvanian Hunger’, but for the rest, this is a great purchase that will reveal new details with every listen.  Good music.


~ by noktorn on February 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “Ex Kathedra – This Is Where”

  1. Who is this and how did you get our CD? Good review.
    – Alex (singer from Ex Kathedra)

  2. This article is better written than our music.

  3. “flamboyantly technical post-hardcore/melodic death/proggy/thrashy styles of music”?

    we actually prefer to be associated with the post-hardcore/grind-funk scene but your genre fits as well

  4. I love how only us band members know about this review.

  5. the bands deec.. heard themm in toronto

  6. Ex Kathedra is the sex.

  7. Chester is a child molester

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