Polishdèbin – Promo 2007

A metal band with the vocals functioning as the most extreme musical voice?  Not a very common thing, but here it is with Polishdèbin’s debut demo.  This Quebecois collective plays a style of uptempo heavy metal that occasionally verges on thrash minus the punk.  It’s a rather unique style: double bass is occasionally employed, as is tremolo riffing, but the majority of the music is dominated by midpaced sections in the style of Manowar (though obviously minus the theatrics).  The odd element: the strained, screeching vocals of singer Mathieu Lapointe, which, it seems, forms a fairly polarizing element as far as enjoyment of the music goes.  So as not to harp on it, I’ll say that they’re not particularly grating, but could probably be replaced by something else to a greater effect.  Either way, it doesn’t significantly impact the music as a whole.  There’s more interesting things going on with the instrumental section anyway.

I can’t think of any artists to immediately compare this to.  Manowar, as previously stated, as far as the rather simple and direct midpaced delivery goes, but not so much in aesthetic.  The faster sections remind me a bit of Megadeth actually; occasionally similar riffing styles are employed, as well as similar interaction between drums and guitars.  In general, though, the style on this demo is pretty unique, if quite accessible.  Riffs are generally based on fairly simple collections of power chords, with the occasional solo bursting through, and drumming is usually a pretty basic set of double bass and rock beats.  It could almost be interpreted as daring to see a band that so willingly sticks with a rather measured, midtempo style; almost reminds me of the restricted style of a band like Virgin Steele.  Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been comparing Polishdèbin to artists generally known as epic, just… minus the epicness.  Maybe this points to something the band should be doing.  I don’t detect a real leaning towards an epic style, but who knows?  Maybe it’s a musical direction buried somewhere in the morass of careful power chord riffing.

There are few flaws with this CD.  As it stands, Polishdèbin is a very capable band with a steady grip on their style of heavy metal.  A problem may arise, though, in evolving in the direction they’ve chosen.  It’s hard to see exactly where the band can go with music like this: it’s instrumentally rather simple, and structurally equally basic (though this says nothing against quality), so where exactly can the band go?  Perhaps into a more narrative style of music?  More conceptual writing?  Who knows.  Either way, I’m interested in seeing what they come up with next.


~ by noktorn on March 11, 2008.

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