Genitorturers – Flesh Is The Law

Genitorturers. David Vincent’s band after Morbid Angel. Fun fact: all Morbid Angel fans know that he now plays for the Genitorturers; no Genitorturers fans know that he played for Morbid Angel. I could make some subcultural jab at this, but I’d refrain.

I picked this up at a Genitorturers concert, being lightly familiar with precisely one of their songs up to this point. I’d heard that their stage show was particularly entertaining, and, of course, being an enormous Morbid Angel fan, I wanted to see Vincent in the flesh. It was a good show; good music was played, nice people were around, and the stage show was actually remarkably fun and spectacular. Really, the live setting is by far the best setting to experience this music in. The Genitorturers are a perfectly capable industrial/goth rock band on their own, but it’s really just so much better when random Mexicans are being forced to suck on dildos for the amusement of the public.

Four new tracks, and four live ones; most are pretty worthwhile. Opener ‘Lecher Bitch’ is better known as a track from remarkably underrated videogame ‘Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines’, which was the following: my first experience with the band, and also: a very good song. Coming from an extreme metal background, is kind of hard for me to understand why there’s so much SPACE in the music that isn’t being filled with blasting and tremolo riffs, but after a while I got into the groove of the noisy guitar and sneering vocals of Gen. ‘Public Enemy #1’ is another very good, catchy track, with a particularly rousing chorus, while the title track is easily the most ‘gothic’, and is yet another really outstanding song in that classic, clubby goth rock way with good sampled drumming and yet another entertaining chorus. ‘Guns Are Good’ is the last of the originals, and while not bad, really doesn’t stand up to the rest of the tracks.

The live tracks are a bit of a mixed bag. ‘House Of Shame’ and ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ are both very intense and solid pieces of music, and ‘120 Days’ isn’t bad, but ‘Terrorvision’ is pretty flat overall. Additionally, all the live ones suffer from overly muddy and flat production, with works with the rawer tracks, but diminishes the power of those which depend a bit more on electronic effects and subtle riffcraft. Still, three quarters of the songs on this EP are quite good. I’m not too sure if Genitorturers fans would really care about this; four songs they already know by heart and four new ones that are already commonly known probably won’t be an item they’ll be running to get, but then again, I saw people buying Genitorturers jumpsuits for like $50 while I was at the show, so perhaps I’m wrong. It’s fun goth rock; nothing amazing, but good for a casual fan. Worth a look if you want to hear what Vincent’s up to these days between Morbid Angel shows.


~ by noktorn on March 17, 2008.

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