Impaled Nazarene – Pro Patria Finlandia

It took a bunch of albums, but Impaled Nazarene finally settled into a fairly comfortable style of black metal.  You know, the punky, melodic, occasionally grinding variety they seem to have a trademark on.  ‘Pro Patria Finlandia’ is the eightieth or something album from them, and it’s pretty good.  It’s exactly the sort of album you’d expect from the band at this stage in their career.  Not particularly experimental or driving in any one of their various directions, but a pretty moderate combination of everything so far, making for a not particularly daring but still fun release.

The only real thing that this album suffers from is a rather tepid second half which is pretty lacking in memorable songs.  The first half is very solid though: ‘Weapons To Tame A Land’ is a really memorable and epic opener, ‘Goat Sodomy’ is good and brutal (plus you get to scream ‘GOAT SODOMYYYYYYYYY’), ‘Neighbourcide’ has a great little melodic portion, and ‘One Dead Nation Under Dead God’ is probably the most melodic and epic of the tracks on the album.  The production is clean, heavy, and bombastic, and all the performances are great, particularly in the drum department.  The riffs are something of a mixed bag; I’ve always felt that Impaled Nazarene is at their best while being unrepentantly melodic, so their more straightforward black/thrash riffs leave me a bit lukewarm.  There’s enough melodic stuff to keep me amused, though.

Second half… not so much.  Little of consequence happens.  The tracks are more fundamentally brutal and straightforward than the first set, and most of the enjoyment I get from them is based off some of the more absurd lyrics, like on ‘Contempt’.  The tracks here aren’t terrible, but they feel like padding because the band had a full-length in their contract instead of an EP.  Anyway, there’s not much to say about music like this.  If you’ve heard previous stuff from the band, you’ll probably dig it.  If not, you won’t.  There’s a lot of tremolo riffs and anger.


~ by noktorn on March 19, 2008.

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