Interview with Aurvandil

How did you originally get in touch with Lokisson Records?

I don’t really remember, I think ’twas him who contacted me after creating his label, then named Root of all Evil.

Are you going to be continuing with that label for the forseeable future?

I don’t think so, because there won’t be any demos to release in the future. Besides, if his work indeed helped me at my debuts, I feel the label isn’t involved anymore.

So what exactly happened with Tchernobyl -75666-?

The T75666 guy never sent me my share of the “Nuclear Devastation” split-cds, despite my repeated efforts to contact him, he has avoided all this, pretending he had “internet problems”. I was extremely disappointed and angered by such an attitude, but that’s just a disillusion, as there are many people like this plaguing the underground.

How did you initially come in contact with Halla for your split release?

Well, I feel slightly ashamed to admit that all was done by internet, which shows how networking is taking over… Indar contacted me via mail for no other reason that doing a split. I was surprised, but not uninterested. A band from Iran, doing better than many occidental bands, with less means and more danger. And here we are.

What are you planning for the next few Aurvandil releases?

We are trying to put in place a 7″ split with Blood Rising, a black metal with indus leanings (but devoid of all the goth-indus bullshit you may find in France) from Sweden. It should be released in late 2008 or early 2009, nothing is done yet.
Demos for the debut album have been recorded, and others will be recorded until the songs are perfectly put up, and until I find a drummer. This album should see the day in 2 years.

Do you make your music go in a particular direction, or simply write organically?

I have many releases planned for a more distant future, so the writing process is a bit slowed down, but, yes, I still find riffs from time to another.

Do you see Aurvandil as having a particular goal, musically or ideologically?

Aurvandil’s goal is to play music that induce feelings to the listener. Heed my words, I am not talking about romantic, goth or emo shite. I try to find riff associations, with layered leads that will make the listener twitch. Aurvandil’s music is very riff-based, and I know it’s a bit primary but, in black metal, nothing will beat the riffs, in my opinion.
Ideologically, Aurvandil is an abstract entity drifting in the void, influenced by winter, norse mythology and the Journey. Sounds a bit generic, but I will not associate Aurvandil with satanic image (which in my opinion is stupid: pretending to be anti-religious while worshipping satan, and observing another bible), and I totally despise the nationalist, racist and fascist ideologies.

What good metal is coming from France these days?

Nothing to be heard of, I’m afraid. Here in Rouen, we have bands that play though-through music such as Ataraxie (doom/death metal), Hyadningar (sick black metal) but, otherwise I don’t listen to french metal much, or unknown UG death and black metal stuff.

Any final words?

Thank you for your time and interest.


~ by noktorn on March 31, 2008.

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