So Mortal Be – Initiation Into Nothingness

I’m ordinarily not a big traditional doom metal fan, but it’s hard not to love this demo.  ‘Initiation Into Nothingness’ is four tracks of pure Sabbath and Candlemass-derived traditional doom bliss unmatched by just about anything in modern metal today.  It’s completely oldschool, stoner-infused music that just wrecks the competition with handfuls of archaically-distorted guitars and grooving rhythms.

‘Dead Planet’ opens up with a simple but stunningly groovy riff that’s soon joined by Saint Vitus-style vocals which mesh flawlessly with the smoky, sinuous grooves that So Mortal Be specializes in.  Centerpiece track ‘King Dragon’ amps up the doom and lowers the psychedelia with an even slower, more downbeat style hearkening back to ‘Paranoid’-era Black Sabbath, while ‘Suicide Sorcerer’ and ‘The Empty Sun’ channel stoner doom legends Sleep with particularly chugging riffs and an opium-laced lead guitar finishing this CDr off.  It’s fucking great!  Every moment of this demo is simple but really perfectly written.  All the music is naturally composed, the production is just raw enough to stay oldschool and interesting, and all the playing is deft and filled with dynamics.

I’m trying to find something to criticize about this demo, but I really can’t find anything.  I suppose some people might take issue with the somewhat minimal writing of the songs here, with only a handful of riffs each and fairly direct song structures, but I think it works well to the band’s advantage.  Already So Mortal Be has a better grasp of songwriting and delivery than many more well-known and popular stoner/doom bands, so I can only see things getting better for these guys.  I can’t wait for a full-length; they’re already writing music of major label quality.  They just need the distribution.

Any fans of traditional, stoner-influenced doom need to pick this up.  There’s nothing more to it.


~ by noktorn on March 31, 2008.

One Response to “So Mortal Be – Initiation Into Nothingness”

  1. We’re working on our new CD now with the new lineup. Much better songwriting and more poeerful. Cheers for the review!

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