Lobster Apocalypse – Demi-Lobster

The really funny thing about this semi-joke project is that the music really doesn’t sound like a joke at all.  In fact, it sounds exactly like the sort of thing that would be a primitive demo for one of the newer breed of Polish or Belgian or perhaps even Czech grindcore bands.  Do I think the members of Lobster Apocalypse listen to a lot of Polish or Belgian grind?  Fuck no.  The energy and spirit is definitely similar though, as was the writing process, most likely.

You see, Lobster Apocalypse is primarily a joke band just because they haven’t thought up appropriate lyrics and concepts to go along with their music.  While a European band would layer some Engrishy gore or stilted political commentary, these Americans go for jokes instead.  It’s not really necessary, because, although the style isn’t nearly as appreciated in the US as it is in eastern Europe, South America, or Asia, what they’re playing is a legitimate style of spastic, violent grindcore that reminds me a bit of artists like Hybrid Viscery or maybe Brazil’s MDK.  If you handed this to me on tape and said it was the eighth demo from a Japanese grind band, I wouldn’t bat an eye.  It reflects that same sort of songwriting idea: the band has ideas, and they make them into songs even though they don’t have ENOUGH ideas for songs, so things just sort of happen between real ideas instead of a transition between them being built.

It has a lot of spirit, and I like that.  Subtract the art and song titles and you have a very convincing piece of grindcore.  The vocals are fierce, the guitars tension-laced and atonal, and the drumming is savage and very brutal.  Here’s the question: do they NEED more songwriting, or do they just need fewer jokes?  I’m actually leaning towards the latter.  This sort of primitive, illogical grind is a breed of music that I really love.  I’d probably like it more with a little less overt humor; I’ve never been big on ‘joke bands’ anyway.  But I do think the music is good.  The alien riffing, the too-brutal drumming, the chaotic vocals- it works, and it’s just looking for an aesthetic to round it out.


~ by noktorn on April 21, 2008.

One Response to “Lobster Apocalypse – Demi-Lobster”

  1. this band is very gay holy shit this band is gayer then sticks
    Lobster Apocalypse what a joke they are tone deaf

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