Pandemia (Czech Republic) – Spreading The Message

Pandemia is a band who apparently felt that death metal was just too much so it needed to be ‘taken down a notch’, so to say.  By which I mean that this album is incredibly, INCREDIBLY boring.  I like to compare ‘Spreading The Message’ to Lecherous Nocturne’s ‘Adoration Of The Blade’; they’re both albums by bands who feel that if there are blast beats, tremolo riffs, and growled vocals, that’s enough to make a decent death metal album.  IT’S NOT.  The music on this release is an empty clone of modern death metal convention, so generic that I can’t even think of a band that they properly sound like; maybe a bit like ‘Scars Of The Crucifix’-era Deicide, but without sounding angry or intense in any way.

How can you play such an aggressive style of music like death metal but have nary a trace of violence anywhere in the music?  It goes through all the motions of being moderately fast, having harsh vocals, and possessing distorted guitars, but it conveys NONE of the brutality that good death metal should.  The riffs are all totally aimless, attempting to sound ‘dark’ in a sort of Incantation mold but without any of the good writing.  Even the vocals are just sort of half-growled and inspire yawns from even total newcomers to metal.  The only one who sounds like he’s trying is the drummer, and I’m pretty sure that’s just because he had to spend some effort to do blast beats, giving it an unintentional bit of emphasis.

This is the death metal equivalent of all the crappy thrash metal albums that came out in 1990, just ten years later.  Pandemia (on this album, at least) apparently decided to make this album with no greater idea than ‘let’s write a death metal album’ and went to it.  Occasionally you can hear the band try to evoke something more; a bit of atmosphere or epic structuring here and there.  But they fail at it nearly all the time and abandon it for the safe territory of tremolo riffs and blasting.  I thought we were past this crap by now?


~ by noktorn on May 6, 2008.

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