Disrupt – Unrest

Being a metalhead listening to crust gives you a sort of warped view of the genre for a couple reasons.  One, because you’re generally listening to some of the more ‘metallic’ artists like Skitsystem or Disfear, and two, because you probably have a lesser understanding of the genre than you do of metal, it becomes harder to determine what crust is good crust.  That’s sort of a pretentious way to view music when stated that way, but I have no doubt that a lot of people listening to this could say something relating Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth to black metal in the same way; listening to it until you discover ‘the good stuff’ in ‘real’ black metal.  Or for another, perhaps more accurate comparison, think about all the collar popping brotards you know who listen to Hasidic reggae sensation Matisyahu.  The people who like Matisyahu are almost entirely composed of people who otherwise listen to no reggae, so is Matisyahu actually a good reggae artist?  The general public has no fucking clue, they just know that there’s a funny Jew on this album doing reggae!  Haw haw!

So with that in mind, I don’t REALLY know if Disrupt is a good crust band or not, because while I say that I’m a ‘crust fan’, that actually just means I like the crust I’ve heard idly.  It’s not like I usually seek it out.  Think about how many metalheads say they ‘love classical music’ (when really they just kind of like it when it’s on) and you have a good idea of what I mean.  But all that aside, Disrupt is pretty awesome when I listen to it purely from a listener’s perspective instead of a metalhead’s, because I like the fast and angry noises they make.  The lyrics are pure political propaganda and the music is very repetitive and binary in nature, but it is some of the ANGRIEST sounding music I’ve ever heard, and the spirit makes up for where it lacks in subtlety.

This is pretty straightforward crust/grind, I don’t really hear anything ‘metal’ in it, but it’s still really cool music.  The influence from early Napalm Death is very apparent, but there’s more of an American-style hardcore sound to the riffs instead of the straight-up Discharge worship of most European bands; sort of a melodic edge you don’t hear as often out east.  I always thought European crust was more binary in nature than American styles, and Disrupt is a good example of crust with a lot of variation; there are plenty of tempo changes and midpaced groove parts amidst the wild thrashing that encompasses most of the disc.  It has the classic Napalm Death style high/low vocal attack, backed up by occasionally featuring screeches from what sounds like an uncredited female vocalist.  Maybe it’s simply a very feminine man.  The overwhelming use of patchouli sometimes does that.

All the songs pretty much sound the same, though there are a couple standouts like the opening track with its little weird lead guitar part and ‘Squandered’ with a particularly vicious chorus.  Really though, you don’t buy an album like ‘Unrest’ looking for anything but a bunch of super pissed off hippies screeching about animal testing over three chord riffs.  As far as that goes, it’s very good and brutal and all that, though somewhat lacking in depth, but I can forgive that because it was fucking 1994 and not a whole lot was going on.  It’s a very good album and I want to say it’s better than it really is because I derive huge enjoyment from listening to it and screeching along with its painfully leftist lyrics, but the fact is it’s a relatively shallow album, the replay value of which is entirely determined by how much you like the aesthetic of the sound.  If you like ‘Scum’ you’ll probably love this, and I guess that’s all there is to it.


~ by noktorn on May 9, 2008.

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