Malveillance – Just Fuck Off

I’ve never heard the interim album between ‘Just Fuck Off’ and Malveillance’s debut, so I’m not sure what terrible thing happened to F to make him so horribly pissed off.  Apparently he got raped by a bear or something because there’s a huge difference between the vaguely nostalgic atmosphere of the first release and the pure anger and misanthropy of this one (though I think the man behind this music would cringe at the use of the latter term).  Whereas the first LP from Malveillance was a pretty solid piece of bedroom depressive black metal, this is totally harsh, crust-infused black metal that has more d-beats than anything in the way of emotion.

The delicately overdistorted guitar tone of the first album has been replaced by a crumbling, Coffins-style sound that’s much more distortion than delicate.  All the riffs are the same Discharge-derived three-chord assaults you’ve heard a thousand times before, and while they’re not real original, they are really, really, really pissed off.  It’s helped by the fact that the vocals are a much bigger part of the music than on the first album, with a particularly venomous, spitting tone, like he wants to not only kill all the Jews but eat them as well.  The drum machine plays d-beats and essentially nothing but them.  Yeah.  You get the general idea of this album.

All of the songs are like a minute and a half long and there’s over twenty of them and they all sound pretty much the same.  In a way, it’s actually a lot like the first in that it’s all about the aesthetic and it’s not very deep music.  If you appreciate just how visceral and angry it is, you’ll probably enjoy it.  If you don’t like really straightforward crusty black metal, you’ll probably be disappointed since this is essentially Discharge with rasps and a drum machine.  If that sounds appealing to you though, buy it!


~ by noktorn on May 10, 2008.

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